What is the right attitude of a spiritual master?

The right attitude consists of a human aspect and a divine aspect. Both describe the relation of the master towards himself, God, his fellow men and creation.

The human aspect concerns all positive human characteristics which the master shows in his attitude and behavior towards all fellow human beings, – in society. A master is always a model, a guide for others.

The divine aspect concerns the fact that he is a temple of God, that he is one with his father like Jesus taught. In this aspect he shares the divine point of view on his fellow men and creation.

Results of this point of view are:

–         Creation is in order, which means that creation is based on divine/natural laws and everything is a matter of the law of cause and effects

–         Creation is in a process of development – dynamic balancing, so imperfection and problems are seen as steps to higher states of balance and perfection

–         Change and transformation are qualities of creation

–         You see not only the imperfection in your fellow men but also their divine self which is not completely integrated so far. So indeed you feel like a (conscious) divine child among other (unconscious) divine children. You feel the unity behind the diversity, the uniting love and one origin. So you treat your fellow men with respect – in the same way you want to be treated (Jesus teachings).

–         The unity of yourself with God and creation blesses you with divine guidance, deep understanding, lawful behavior, inner harmony, divine authority and creative power to manifest life as you wish to – this means natural success, fortune, support from God and creation > “happy circumstances” for all projects and taking part in the natural foreseen abundance

–         As a conscious child of God you use your mastership to take part in the great work, – which means you take part in the development of mankind and creation according to God´s plans

So this is in short the attitude of a spiritual master. Certainly this attitude starts already when you begin your spiritual development. With the passing time you refine your spiritual character and your behavior, attitude.

Jesus, as a real Quabbalist and with this of true divine nature and perfect refinement, taught these things very clearly in public. As not everyone is a spiritual master or a real Quabbalist his teachings cannot be comprehended by everyone in full depth. Wallace D. Wattles worked out the higher teachings of Jesus and their consequences, so that nearly everyone is able to live in this way for his benefit and the benefit of his fellow men and creation. The books of Wattles are the basis for many mainstream books of today. The books of Wattles represent a high quality in contrast to many mainstream half-truth books of today.

So I recommend to study what Wattles is teaching. It is necessary to understand deeply what he says, what he really means. This is a difference to the “magic pills” which are published today and do not really work.

The main books of Wattles are:

–         The Science of Being Great

–         The Science of Getting Rich

–         The Science of Being Well

–         The Purpose Driven Life

–         The Law of Attraction

–         The Law of Opulence

–         Jesus – The Man And His Work

–         The Science of Mind

–         The Road to Power

–         Your Invisible Power

Certainly there are always the same main principles and laws which work but Wattles describes in his different books details of the single topics. Real understanding and then real practice are the steps for the manifestation of positive changes in your personality and in your life.

Again I want to emphasize the great importance of Wattles teachings for every spiritual seeker and becoming master. His books are fundamental.

For the moment I can´t comment his teachings or better said the universal teachings in his books as I have not enough time to do so. Maybe I am able to explain aspects which can appear mistakable later. So far just try by yourself to comprehend the higher ideas and laws which are behind these teachings.

Once mankind has fallen out of natural-divine unity causing all the suffering and problems we know. Today you can reintegrate yourself in this unity consciously to make the best out of your life.

I truly which you a happy and blessed life!


In love, light and service,

Ray del Sole