The underlying intelligence of creation

When you examine nature and its living beings then you can discover all degrees and forms of intelligence at work. Obviously there is nothing without intelligence. Normally we connect the idea of intelligence with the brain but this is only a very small aspect of the intelligence in creation. Creatures are led by intelligence, their bodies are controlled by intelligence, the metabolism, the function of organs and cells, – all works with a form of intelligence. This intelligence is communicative, is interactive, is able to deal with countless information. This is simply mind blowing and incomprehensible amazing. But we take everything for common as we do not need to think about it.

Imagine you are an engineer and you have the task to create a working cell. Do you think that you are able to make it? Probably not, – it is too complex. In fact we are too ignorant to create an unicellular organism much less a complex living being. But nature can do so. Nature has the potential to create an incomprehensible diversity of living beings in all forms for all purposes on land, in the air and in the oceans.

Most intelligent scientists say “Okay, you see, creation is just a coincidence. Nothing worth to think about. I know it. I am a scientist.” The term coincidence is the greatest invention of scientists as they can explain everything with it without the need to think or to prove something. God save the scientists! Without scientists we were nothing but a more or less happy coincidence without knowing it.

For the spiritual people throughout the centuries the intelligence of nature was something precious, something to worship and to consciously connect with. It was the idea that God expresses himself through nature.

Seen from the universal point it is certainly a little bit more complex. A whole hierarchy of beings with all degrees of intelligence work behind the scenes to keep creation alive. It is more than a wonder and much too complex to really comprehend. It is simply amazing. It makes you feel like a child gazing in wonder the beauty of creation.

A special point of this hidden intelligence is its great flexibility. Energy always follows your intention. So this means that on the higher planes of existence time and space do not really matter and that a message finds the right receiver by the intention of the sender. Intelligence means especially communication, exchange of information and this works in a brilliant way. It is equal where you look at, – the communication among cells in organs or the communication among ants, etc. It is simply amazing how it works and that it works. This flexibility provides also different systems of energetic anatomy and healing treatments. The energy knows where it has to go and the body knows what to do with it. Imagine the needed intelligence to cause successful healing processes in a complex human body. Just amazing.

And have you ever thought about why you are able to make progress on your spiritual path? Why you are able to create something from nothing? It is the underlying intelligence which knows, which integrates new abilities, qualities, powers, new knowledge from behind the scenes. It is our deeper nature, the inner spirit which is connected with creation and all creatures. It is the divine part of us which is able to comprehend and to use the incomprehensible. If there wasn´t a part in us which is of divine nature, we simply weren´t able to create anything, especially not higher things.

The underlying intelligence is in its core nothing else than Akasha, the primordial spirit, all-permeating, all-knowing plus the hierarchy of spiritual beings which all work in some form with Akasha or on an akashic level. Spirit and with this intelligence are underlying the whole creation. They are the cause for life on all planes. Without this intelligence not a single drop of water would fall like it does. Without this intelligence not a single law of nature would be in function.

It is the wonder of creation what we witness every day without being aware of it.