Why do different systems work?

When you study different conceptions, teachings of the human nature for healing treatments, then you experience that nearly every tradition or religion has its own system. I mean here especially the energetic anatomy of the human body with nadis, chakras, qualities, powers, etc. For example we have a Chinese system, an Indian system, a Tibetan system and a system of the natives of America.

When you compare these different systems then you can find equal teachings, similar ones and different teachings. For example the old question “How many energy centers do we have, where are they located and which function do they serve?” Indeed you will find a variety of answers.

Now you can ask yourself: “All humans have the same anatomy, – physically, emotionally and mentally – so in fact there should be only one real conception of the energetic bodies as a basis for successful healing treatments. But which one is it? And why are all others kept by respectively why do they work if they are “wrong” or imperfect?”

A good question, isn´t it?

The answer is quite interesting. It has a few aspects.

The differences lie in the fact that the systems are results from many people, – healers, priests, etc. with different degrees of initiation and understanding. They did much research and collected their results to form a conception of the energetic human nature for good treatments. A most perfect result can only be gained by a real initiate who has awakened all his higher senses and who cooperates with a head of the spheres whose profession is medicine. But such initiates are really rare. So the conceptions had to be more or less imperfect.

The second point is that energy always follows your intention. On the one hand this can be a problem for making a good, real conception of the energetic anatomy but on the other hand you can give a treatment in the wrong place but thanks to your intention the energy flows to the right place. This is a matter of the higher laws which are responsible on the mental and astral planes. It is also the reason why healing treatments and prayers work over any kind of distance. Location and space become quite relative when you do spiritual healing treatments. Certainly it makes sense to know what you do and where. This is a fascinating phenomenon.

The third point is here involved. There is an underlying intelligence in the human microcosm and in creation. This intelligence is able to balance, to compensate mistakes. This means when you have the right intention and the right attitude then you can be successful by using the more or less wrong technique. The energy follows your intention. The underlying intelligence is so great and comprehensive that absolutely nothing would work without it. But we are not aware of this and do not think about it. Already the smallest processes in our bodies and in nature are too complex to make them work with our intellect. Something to think about!

And indeed all systems work to a good degree in spite of all differences – this is the wonder of creation, of the underlying intelligence, of Akasha. It shows how amazingly flexible creation is designed.

Certainly it makes sense to look for a conception which is based on universal teachings and on reality. The founder of Pranic Healing, Choa Kok Sui has to be honored for his clairvoyant research on the chakra-nadi system. Today it is the highest standard of the energetic anatomy research. Here you can add Bardon´s teachings, the Chinese system of acupuncture, etc. Certainly much more research can be done and will be done in the future. The results of research from hypnosis therapy and past-life-therapy, etc. have to be integrated for a most comprehensive understanding of the human nature, of health and diseases. This topic will be one topic of the SURA-ITF research and education.

For those who want to grow beyond the normal limitations, these explanations will be useful to increase their understanding. Certainly we all are here to grow, – consciously or unconsciously.