The private god

What is a private god? It is your god, – the god you own. It is the god you believe in, the only god you care for. You have all rights reserved. Your god is exclusive for you. It is not a god for everyone. Your god has chosen you to be his servant, his ambassador and representative. Your god speaks through you to tell others what is right and what is wrong. Your god loves what you love. Your god hates what you hate. Your god sanctions your actions. The enemies of you are the enemies of your god. What you do is right because your god wants it to happen. If someone criticizes you, he criticizes your god and this means offense and offense means revenge. All people who do not believe and follow your god are unbelievers. Hell is waiting for them while joy and endless pleasures are waiting for you. Your god knows all your desires and so he is pleased to satisfy them.

Your private god is absolute for you but relative for others. This is the problem. When you proclaim that your private god is almighty, all-merciful, etc. but certainly only for you, excluding all other people then this does not match. A private god simply cannot be the absolute God. A private god is rather a servant of own interests, own attitudes, own traditions. It is rather an image of yourself, of a human being with all its positive and negative aspects.

Certainly everyone can have a private god but it is useful to know what it means. And it makes sense to know that others do not like to follow a private god.

I wrote this as a definition. It is very necessary for people to understand the differences between the absolute God (the macrocosmic God), relative gods, mixtures of absolute God and relative gods, gods and goddesses in form of a hierarchy, the personal god (the microcosmic god), etc.

Wisdom lies in knowledge and knowledge lies in understanding.

It is useful to think about how much you have privatized your God to fit your needs. The image of God is in general analogue to yourself. For example when you are merciful and caring then your image of God is also merciful and caring. If you are destructive and aggressive then your image of God is the same.

Throughout the centuries we can witness endless examples of “private” gods, – often even of the same religion. It is the tragedy of proclaiming “This is MY god!” as someone ever could possess God and make him his property.

The absolute God is no human invention, no human image of oneself, has no limited human characteristics, is not private, is not bound to a religious founder or leader, is independent from time, space, religion, culture, tradition, belief or unbelief, man, woman, child, etc. The absolute God is absolute with all consequences.

This is good to comprehend. It makes life easier, more peaceful and supports a positive attitude towards mankind and creation.

But certainly it is not a “must” to believe this. You just have to bear the consequences of your belief.