SURA-ITF, – a neutral place to meet

In our community people from all corners of the world meet. All have different backgrounds, different beliefs, different cultures, different professions, etc. Indeed the diversity of mankind will come together. Besides these normal differences we will have members who have positions in special spiritual traditions, different secret societies and religious movements. This is something given and can´t be changed.

Therefore it is important to comprehend that our association is a place where good spiritual souls meet, – independent from their background. Our association is a neutral place where only the light in your soul counts. All other things stay outside.

In the spiritual light we all are brothers and sisters. So we show each other respect, – the normal respect from one human to another human. No one can expect to be celebrated because of his position somewhere outside of the association. We clearly differentiate between our association and all other things outside.

So important are only the respectful social interaction, the agreement to the requirements and certainly a true spiritual attitude. This simplifies and eases the whole interaction, exchange and work on projects.

We all are humans and this is the natural-lawful basis of our association.

For me it is also important to proclaim that our association is independent from any kind of other organizations and that I, – the founder of SURA-ITF, am only responsible towards to the absolute God and no one else.