Once upon a time

There was a lovely girl with a big heart working in the kitchen. She was quite busy as she wanted to make bread, – a very good and tasty bread for her family she loved so much. She was gathering the grains for the mill to get fresh flour when her father came in. “Oh, would you are doing my little princess?” “Daddy, I want to make bread!” “Ah, I see. You are gathering the grains for the mill.” “Yeah, Daddy! It will be the best bread you´ve ever eaten!” ”Wait, my child, please put the grains on the plate.” The young girl did what her father told her. Now the grains covered the whole plate. “When you look at the grains, what can you see?” “These all are normal grains Dad, they look all equal! They will give a tasty bread!” “My child, please take a second look at the grains.” “Mmmhh, I can´t see anything but wait, yes, some of the grains are grey, some a black but most of them are white. Mmmhh, what does it mean Daddy?” “Right! You have made a good discovery! You see, the white grains are well and healthy. The black grains are bad. They are toxic and can cause illness and death. The grey ones in the diversity of shades are in the process of getting bad like the black grains. If you eat the grey grains you would get sick.” “Really, Daddy? But there are only a few black grains, several grey ones and most of them are white.” “Bad is bad, my child! Already a small amount of toxic grains can cause illness and death. At least they make you sick. So you shouldn´t mix them up with the good ones. The good ones will nourish you but the bad ones will make you sick. You see?” “Yes Daddy. I understand. So what we should do?” “My dear daughter, it is simple, you must distinguish between the white grains, the grey grains and the black ones. And only the good white grains you should keep. The black ones are most toxic but the grey ones cause also at least sickness. So please be careful and get them all. Put the good ones on another plate and dispose the bad grains, so that they cannot cause any damage!” “Yes, Dad, I understand and I will carefully distinguish between good and bad grains. And I know now that only from good grains good bread can be made. Thank you, Daddy! You are so wise and I have so much to learn!” “My child, you are a little princess but certainly you have to grow and to learn. You have a good heart and you will become a wonderful lady one day, full of wisdom and the ability to distinguish between good and bad and the grey tones inbetween. You know, wisdom is all about this ability.”

And certainly all developed as the wise father has predicted. The bread was really tasty and the whole family was happy. The little girl with the big heart grew up and became a wonderful lady. And every time she had to make a decision, she thought about the grains, the good ones, the bad ones and the grey tones inbetween. She knew that only the good ones are able to provide good fruits, good results and so she made her decisions wisely. She enjoyed a happy and balanced life and taught the same wisdom to her own children.

“Do you distinguish between good and bad and the grey tones inbetween?”