Some extra energy

For every task in life and training we need energy. Quite often we are not aware that we need some extra energy, energy of a special kind to gain best progress, best results. In contrary we do not care about the need of energy and try to accomplish our tasks and exercises without it. We use the energy which is given but this can be not enough or not the right kind and so we wonder why we feel exhausted, sucked dry or why progress is so hard.

From the point of wisdom we have to care for the right amount of energy and the right quality according to the work, training or exercise we want to accomplish. In this way we respect the laws of creation and we are well prepared for progress and success.

So what does it mean? At least to care for enough vital energy. In best case to manifest the right quality and quantity of energy according to the exercise. For example when you do training for clairvoyance you need Akasha energy and light, respectively light with Akasha qualities. Training without these special energies leads to stress and exhaustion of the eyes.

For everyday life and the general development of abilities and qualities it means that you can create your own batteries to support the development of them automatically.

Imagine you want to increase fortune and happiness in your life. Get an object made from cupper and charge it with green water element energy. Program it like it is described for talismans and imagine that this extra energy serves you with drawing luck and happiness into your life. Recharge it from time to time and repeat the meditation about its program. So in fact you have created a battery with extra energy which serves you.

Similar things you can do for your intuition, for developing of special abilities according to the step of training you want to accomplish, for dissolving of bad characteristics, for increasing of wished for qualities like a strong will or inner balance, health or whatever.

In best case use objects, rings or pendants made from gold for fire, air and earth and silver for water element. Cupper is good for the Venus sphere (love, harmony, beauty, fortune). You can also say gold = active/electric and silver = passive/magnetic powers and qualities.

How do these batteries with extra energy work? This is quite simple. The object is charged with energy for a special, defined purpose. This energy is bound to the object and supported by the condenser, the metal. It is also linked to your microcosm, the analogue part of your body. Maybe you can feel where the energy connects and how it activates certain centers, powers, qualities or abilities in yourself.

This is indeed extra energy which serves your aims. Use it for your benefit, for your progress and to enhance your life.

In best case you will have a diversity of objects which serve as batteries for all kinds of purposes.

I maybe should say here that you probably have to accustom yourself to this extra energy. Sometimes it can be simply too much or feels uncomfortable when you wear these objects directly on your body. Then it can be better to place them somewhere in your flat. The connection is kept but it is more comfortable.

Just do some experiments and take a few days to become accustomed to the extra energy.

Energetic training can have effects on your batteries, good ones and bad ones but you will notice it by yourself. Depending from the kind of exercises you do it can be better to do not wear such batteries on your body. But as I have said – you will see it for yourself.


Formula: 50% conscious training + 50% support of the subconsciousness by autohypnosis + 25% (or more) extra energy =  >125% success/time

Normally students are only focused on the conscious training = 50% success/time

So in fact it depends on you how much progress you make in a certain time.