The problem of spiritual traditions

Spiritual traditions are normally very old and passed on from one generation to the next one. The main problem of spiritual traditions always was that knowledge was not open available but secret and meant for personal initiation and this only for the best ones. One effect of this attitude has been that real and deep understanding was given only to a very few and this in degrees.

Further on this strategy of secrecy developed teachings which had a superficial, public side and a deeper, secret side. The superficial teachings were in main misleading – for those who were not initiated, while the secret side was only revealed to the initiated ones. For the initiation into the real meaning of the teachings, a guru or master was necessary. During the centuries the quality of a master was not always high and many faked masters appeared who just proclaimed to be enlightened, etc. Last but not least completely uninitiated people translated old teachings without any knowledge and published them as “real” teachings.

So when you take a look on the yoga teachings today, then you can find many really strange teachings which provide no spiritual progress at all – misunderstood stuff, in parts completely useless but with true origins.

On the other hand we have the phenomenon that there are followers of such traditions who make some kind of progress, who develop special abilities and who experience special states of mind. But here the problem is often that they do not really understand what they have done, how they have reached results, what these results really are or mean and so on. To say it simple – the metaphysical knowledge is missing.

And in conclusion this means that we can be very grateful that everything was unveiled for us by Bardon, so that we are able to know exactly what we are doing. Further on we have the keys to understand all spiritual traditions in the composition, conception and in their techniques and training. We can also restore original knowledge and techniques and unveil misunderstandings and errors.

In fact Bardon´s universal teachings are more than precious, complete and they provide all keys for the understanding of God, mankind and creation.