The basis of spirituality

When you ask people “what is the basis of spirituality?” then they might say that it is belief but this is not true. Spirituality is not based on belief. Religion is based on belief. When you are religious then you have to believe in your priest and in your holy books as you cannot prove the religious teachings. You must believe. And if you believe honestly in the truth of these teachings you feel good, you feel guided and secure. You know what is good and bad. You know how to behave. So religious teachings simplify somehow your life. If you are pressed into religious teachings by society then you might feel not really good and limited as you do not really believe in them.

Spirituality is something completely different in its original sense. Spirituality is the basis of religion, the core of religion. When you look at religions today you might ask yourself how much spirituality is still alive in them but in former times what we call religion was the expression of spirituality in the traditional, cultural context.

So, and what is now the basis of spirituality?

It is not belief, – quite the contrary – it is science, pure science. In fact in former times the high priests were true scientists. All fields of research, all sciences were united in the temples. They were the blossoms of one flower. The temples served in these times as universities for all arts and sciences. Spirituality, religion and science were one. Then later an unholy separation took place which caused a lot of problems, evil and suffering.

What means “spirituality is based on science”?

When you examine the world, creation, then you notice that everything is based on mathematics. With mathematics you can describe everything, – all is based on numbers, on functions, on equations, on the work with numbers. Mathematics is universally valid. The world is built on numbers. This means also that there is nothing which you cannot describe or grab with mathematics. There is no “chaos” which is incomprehensible. There are only complex processes which cannot be calculated easily or with our instruments. When you think of science fiction movies or games for playstation, etc. then you can see that computers are able to calculate, to reproduce reality in phenomenal degrees. Everything is based on mathematics. And on mathematics the sciences of physics and chemistry are based. And you can perfectly describe and explain everything in the world with physics – powers, quantities, movement, and all processes of transformation, of reaction with chemistry.

This all means that there is no need to believe something as everything can be described and understood in a scientific way.

What I have said is valid for the material world. Indeed you learn it already at school and most things are quite simple. The next step is to see that there is a material world based on mathematics, physics, etc. But there is something which obviously is not a part of this world. We experience the phenomena of feelings, emotions and of thoughts, of mind or spirit. When you do a lot of research then you discover that mind and soul are connected to the material body but have different planes of existence, own worlds, with own laws which are different to the material plane. And in the next step you discover that these different planes, worlds work similar to the material plane, that mathematics and physics exist there too. Here we call physics metaphysics – physics on higher planes.

So there must exist universal laws and universally valid descriptions of these higher planes like we know it from the material world and in fact it is the case.

When we remember the old saying that “everything below is like above” from Trismegistos, then we see what he has meant – physics and same principles on all three planes, – the mental world, the world of the soul and the material world.

In conclusion we can say that all the laws of nature, of mathematics and physics which we experience in the material world, can be find in a similar way also for the soul with emotions, and the mind with thoughts.

The next step is to see that everything is based on what we call “energy”. Even matter is nothing else than energy. So in the material world we have matter and energy and everything consist of matter and energy, and matter is just an appearance of energy. When everything is energy, there is no problem to understand that also mind, thoughts, soul and emotions are (finer) forms of energy, also forms of substance, fine matter. And as you know, matter and energy underlie the laws of mathematics and physics. For mind and soul, thoughts and emotions we call it meta-physics, the physical laws of the higher planes. And these laws are as simple as the laws of physics on the material plane.

How can you imagine this idea of finer energy, finer matter and with this of higher planes of existence? This is quite simple. Let´s take the example of sounds. There are very low frequencies with slowly moving sound waves and there are high frequencies with fast moving sound waves. I guess everyone has seen such a picture or chart. So we can say that there is a spectrum of sounds looking like a triangle with the highest frequencies at the top and the lowest ones at the bottom. The same is true for light. Again we have a triangle with different light frequencies. And in both cases the human being is only able to perceive a small part of the great diversity of frequencies. Here we see one universal principle, – that there exist finest, finer and denser energies or frequencies. And the same is true for creation. The material world has the densest, lowest vibration of energy and matter. The so-called astral world of the soul and of emotions has a finer vibration of energy and matter. And the mental world of the mind and of thoughts has the finest vibration of energy and matter. So it is all quite simple to comprehend. In conclusion we exist on three planes of creation at the same time, the multidimensional universe like we call it today.

Now we step further. Probably everyone has heard that nearly everywhere in the spiritual traditions and religions there are teachings which speak about the principle of duality and of the five elements. Here we come back to mathematics and physics. All numbers go back to the number one as the primary number. Duality comes along with the number two and two evolves directly from one, from unity. When you have only unity in the beginning, then there is no second thing to cause the number two. So in fact two means that unity separates itself into polarity, – what we know as yin and yang or the positive and the negative principles or as the male and female principles. This is nothing else than the polarity of energies with contrary qualities, completing each other regarding the primary unity. Again quite simple and logic. In this duality there are already number three and number four and with number one, number five. So you have already all main numbers of creation, – simple mathematics and physics. Probably you ask where the numbers are and so we have to go deeper into simple physics.

Okay, let´s start again. At first there is unity, – energy in a state of unity. For some reasons this unity breaks up and polarity appears, the elements fire and water, yang and yin as the Chinese say. The terms fire and water, later air and earth, are just symbols to express the special qualities of these states of energy. So fire means that this energy is hot and expansive in its state. Water means that the energy is cool, magnetic, attractive. As you see we deal here with physical states of energy. So fire and water are the first principles of duality, energetic states of the first energy which can be called Akasha, the fifth element. Between fire and water there is a special state of energy which is called air, air element. Here the energy is not like fire and not like water but somehow neutral and balancing. Here we have number three. When we see fire, air and water as one single unit – separated from other units, then we have number four, the earth element which forms a single unit. As you know, the material world consists of single units which we call atoms. And in these atoms we find all four elements – states of energy.

When you think about this simple but effective and logical differentiation between main states of energy – simple physics and mathematics – then you can understand why initiates have stated that everything consists of the five elements – human beings and creation. And indeed you find the working principle for these states of energy everywhere, in your mind, your soul, your physical body and in creation.

I have showed you how simple and logical the basics of spiritual science are. Everyone can agree worldwide and independent from culture, tradition or location. It is just mathematics, just physics and metaphysics. Nothing strange, nothing complex and no belief.

Now, when you are a spiritual seeker, you want to grow, to learn and to progress on your spiritual path. If you find someone who explains these simple laws to you, you have a good scientific basis for your own research and your development and training. In fact the knowledge about God, humans and creation is based on simple laws, relations, etc. But no one makes any progress by intellectual studies. The only thing which counts is experience, own experience in comparison with the experiences of others. Now you can ask what there is to be experienced and what it means to develop yourself in a spiritual way. The answers are based on science and scientific research as well – everything is based on physics, on metaphysics and everything is a matter of empirical research. There is no space for ideologies, for opinions, for phantasy, etc. Only verified experience counts and every seeker is asked to make his own experiences.

When you undergo a spiritual training, you first have to take the information you get on an intellectual level but due to your training you will be able to verify this knowledge by own experiences. For example you will experience the fact that there are three main planes of existence, that your thoughts and emotions are energies, etc. And step by step you will prove by yourself all higher laws of nature, for example that your mind is independent from time and space. You will also experience the reality of the different energetic states, the four elements and you will be able to work with them. In conclusion your will get to know the hidden side of creation, how creation works, the workshop of God.

Maybe you ask yourself “and what about God?”. When you examine yourself then you notice that you are spirit, a living being and guess where this spirit comes from? From dense matter? Certainly not! The small units of spirit come from the great living spirit, called God. As the bible says “God created humans as his image” – spirit from spirit. So when you think that you are alive and a conscious being, a spiritual being, then God is the father/mother spirit of you, the highest, divine being in and beyond creation.

Certainly many more questions arise but here is not the place to answer them all. But one main question I want to answer in short. Why do we have to undergo a spiritual development or better asked what does it mean?

A great teacher put it very simple and perfectly: “We have to balance the microcosm with the macrocosm.” This means translated that the human being is quite imperfect, imbalanced, that it has to undergo steps of clearing, healing and refinement to become at last as perfect as our solar system on the mental and astral plane. Indeed the human being is an image of the solar system, the macrocosm, but it is an imbalanced image and this imperfection causes a lot of problems but offers at the same time a lot of chances to grow, to unfold your higher, divine nature.

Certainly this can be only hints. Indeed the whole path is focusing on clearing, activating, healing, balancing, refining, unfolding, liberating and understanding. You get to know yourself, God and creation. You unfold your originally divine nature which is sleeping so far. And this all is just the natural evolution of mind and soul which you shorten by your active spiritual training.

Please keep at least two important things in your mind – spirituality means science and empiric research, and own practice with own experiences are most important and cannot be replaced by intellectual discussions.

SURA, the International Theistic Federation is based on a universal scientific spirituality and we offer a corresponding spiritual education for all honest seekers, for real experiences and real progress independent from the religious or cultural background. We support the principles of love, wisdom and unity.