The ability of listening

There is one ability which is most and basically important for spiritual progress. The seeker has to be able to listen. In former times it took only a few moments, seconds for the master, teacher or guru to check if the aspirant had this ability or not. And if the aspirant was not able to listen, he was told to go home. A quite simple formula – “No listening, no spiritual education!”

In former times “listening” was not a real problem as aspirants were more than willing to listen to the teacher and they paid naturally a great respect to the spiritual authority.

Today things have changed and it is quite hard to find someone who is really able to listen. In fact it is the ability to listen and the willingness to listen. In other words it is a problem of awareness and the ego.

I don´t want to say much, – only that those who do not listen have big problems in life and in spiritual matters. No one can help and indeed not a single initiate is interested in such aspirants as all tries to change something are senseless. So the unaware, selfish and ignorant sleeper is left alone until fate teaches him to open his ears and eyes and to be receptive for enlightenment. Somehow it is a matter of the right timing and a shift in the personal attitude. At last – for everyone comes the right time for understanding and progress.