The main Healing Mantra

Most problems, pains, hurts, disorders and diseases are connected or rooted in the solar plexus chakra, the human self (center), the inner child, the core of the human being. On this level, all emotions, emotional centers and organs are located. The Taoists call it the belt of emotions which includes solar plexus chakra, liver, gallbladder, stomach, spline and kidneys. Anger, hate, upset, sadness, fears, desires, etc. plus positive emotions can be found here.

Now, the main problem of this solar plexus center, the human self in this world is lacking love, nourishment, acceptance, respect and appreciation. If these things are not given, the human self (ego) gets ill, suffers, gets angry, wild, destructive, self-destructive, etc. And this disorder or imbalance causes “thousand” symptoms, problems and diseases. The symptoms are a matter of “weak” areas of the body, mind and soul. So, symptoms realize individually, depending on the degree of health and vitality in the system, in the different body regions and organs.

When we understand these things, then we can approach most problems, pains, etc. directly at the root, at the human self, the solar plexus center and its belt of emotions.

Here we can set new seeds for healing, for changing the situation. It can be understood and used like a mantra:

“I am loved. I am nourished. I am okay. I am respected. I am appreciated. I am forgiven. I am loved. I am nourished. I am allowed to be. I am loved. I am nourished. I am allowed to live. I am loved. I am nourished. I can enjoy life. I am loved. I am nourished by the natural-divine abundance. I feel the abundance in me and around me. I am complete. I am joyful. I am vital. I am full of energy. I love God and creation. God and creation love me. I am in order. I am free. I can enjoy life completely. My wounds are healed. I trust in myself. I trust in God´s love and wisdom. I am guided. I am good. I am kind. I am a happy child.”

The main focus is love, love on the human level, the loved child. Children need love as it nourishes them and supports their development. The human self or ego is nothing but a child. Unfortunately, too often this child is not nourished, not loved, so we have to do it consciously. Love is the most powerful remedy.

Healing is a process. So, we need to feel each single sentence of the mantra, making sure, repeating, strengthening, etc. Then the solar plexus chakra can unfold stepwise, heal, flourish.

I recommend using this mantra for self-healing. It can be recorded in a way that you have enough time to feel deeply into the truth of each sentence.

If you have clients, then you can give it to them as well to support their therapy or coaching.

May this healing mantra together with the explanations bring great healing to all the suffering human children!