Advantages of religion

Recently I had to wait in a consulate. In the waiting room they had a TV with a religious TV show. It was interesting for me to watch and to reflect on what they are doing, their intentions, their attitude and behavior. Indeed, it was fascinating for me. Fascinating because it all was so far away from my own approach.

The religious TV show started with a wonderful vision of worldwide peace and unity for mankind, a true paradise on earth. It is a vision where all people can identify with. A great heart´s desire. This vision unfolds easily uniting effects on people and shows the higher, good intentions. Then the renowned scholar appeared with an expression on his face of comprehensive knowledge and the wish to guide his followers with heart. Then the camera showed a big hall filled with followers, a great audience, ready to listen. All was perfect.

For me, this perfection was amazing, a big community, united by one great vision, with a scholar who shows the right path. Everyone was completely happy for sure. Peace and happiness. Unity in spirit.

Now, the basis for this religious group are the teachings in their holy book. These teachings explain in detail God, mankind and creation, what is good or right and what is bad or unlawful. The teachings offer a perfect manual for life for men and women. And this is exactly the fascinating point. There is no need for the religious follower to question anything or to think about solutions for problems or challenges, – all is given in the holy teachings, you just need to look it up or to ask someone who has read the book. It is this fascinating simplicity which makes life so easy and clear, which saves so much time and energy as you do not need to think for yourself. The intellect can relax, can stay relaxed the whole lifetime. No challenges, just relaxation.

Now, when I think about myself. I have studied all of value, all kinds of religious teachings, of philosophical ideas, sciences, psychology, mysteries and I have done so much practical training and research, evaluating everything, questioning everything, doing my best to make progress, to develop myself.

But in fact, life can be so easy. This is so fascinating. And this is one main point why people are happy with their religious teachings. It is simple. It is easy. And so there is no need for questioning anything, for personal development.

I can understand it. It is seductive. It is the magic pill we get offered so often in life, – sleep and have good dreams. What more could you desire?

The rocky path or sweet dreams? 99% prefer the sweet dreams in religion, in politics, in economics, in the news on TV, etc.

The small problem is that there are evil parts, half-truths, lies, questionable teachings, etc. which cause real damage to the sweet dream, to the happy vision. And this can be hard to digest for the followers. This can cause a hard awakening. And then the questioning starts, with all the pains. The painful process of awakening normally causes big problems with the former community, with the rest of the followers who are still sleeping. But that´s the way it is. Always the same principle. And unfortunately, most people awake very late or too late and the disaster is already happening.

However it is for the single person, I hope and wish everyone a happy and fulfilled life, independent if he or she is dreaming or already on the rocky path. We all need happiness and ease. Too much hardship is too destructive for the human soul. It takes so much effort and time for healing.