Hidden settings

If you ask someone about specific characteristics or attitude, he will be able to tell you if he has the virtue or not and how strong it is. Maybe it takes a little bit of consideration, but it is no problem.  So, for example, he can tell you if he is compassionate and how his compassion is developed in strength, – a little bit, normal, strong, very powerful. He will be also able to give you examples in life where he felt compassionate.

Indeed, you could work out a mind and soul mirror to get an overview about the personality of the person.

This is all good and right but there are hidden aspects or settings of mind and soul which differ.

Now, let´s take our example and let´s imagine that the person shows compassion in general. But there are hidden settings which lead to a situation where the person does not show compassion but is very hard and merciless.

So, in conclusion, it makes sense, in general, to examine qualities always as opposite poles of one polarity and then to think about the situations or triggers when one pole gets active. This can be quite interesting. When do you feel compassion? And when are you merciless? And then – why? This is a very useful work for introspection.

All qualities of the personality have a history. So, for example, great compassion can be the result of a life as a Buddhist Lama while being hard and merciless can come from a life as a warrior, soldier or knight. When one person has made these opposite experiences, then there are certain situations that trigger compassion or merciless behavior. And now the question is, what of these characteristics is still useful or good. Being merciless is probably not really nice and not supportive for a happy life.

When we think in the frame of suffering, problems, diseases, etc. then it can be quite hard to find the cause or the trigger point where you can set healing into action. Here a main key can be to check for such hidden settings of mind and soul. For example, you are very kind to all people, and you can easily forgive someone if he did a mistake or hurt you, but you have big problems to forgive yourself. Here is the key to forgive yourself on the mental level and on the emotional soul level as only then real healing can happen, respectively healing is blocked independent from the treatments you try. So, forgiveness is crucial. The second point is the traumatic experience which you have made somewhere in the past which realized this merciless attitude towards yourself. These trauma energies must get dissolved as otherwise, you are not able to forgive you. Both, – setting and trauma work together in an unholy and hidden way. They are subconscious and it takes good skills to discover them.

Practically, you can have a problem which seems to be light years away from such trauma and setting, and so the art is to put the right questions to check what is important, what not, to approach stepwise the real cause and the unhealthy, blocking setting.

NLP can help a lot as well as hypnosis or just a good intuition. The point is just to start this research to receive healing in the end.