Reminder for the use of will power

For all goals we want to achieve in life and on the spiritual path there are a few rules or principles which should be regarded for efficiency and success.

First of all, you need clarity about your goal. This means you need to inform yourself, – the pillar of knowledge, and then you have to give a definition for your goal as short and clear as possible. A goal can be a new skill, a new quality (characteristic), a new power or secondary a new habit, the accomplishment of an exercise, a specific step of progress, a milestone on the path, etc.

Once you have a good understanding of the goal you want to achieve and when you have given a useful definition of it, then you are ready for the next step.

In best case, you get into a state of higher consciousness and divine unity and then you proclaim your goal towards God, hierarchy and creation. This will bring you support. When you use your higher, divine authority, power and will to proclaim your goals, then this has powerful effects. It is the “kick-off” for the realization of your goal. It is comparable with the image of a king who proclaims his will towards his people. His people will instantly start to work on realizing the king´s wish.

In the “normal” case you might not feel like a divine authority, but this is no problem. Important is just to express your will in a powerful way, – as powerful as possible.

In the next step, you have to strengthen this fire, the fire of your will because it is the driving force for realization. You can do this by repetition, by repeating your will and vision in a powerful way. This can be done on a daily basis, depending on the kind of goal and the expected amount of time which is needed for its realization. The rule is: The more often you repeat the expression of your will, the stronger is the drive for its realization. This driving force can increase to a great pressure which could become hard to manage.

Besides increasing the will power / driving force on a regular basis, real training is necessary. If you are not able to do real training because the skill is not realized so far, you should do training based on simulation / imagination until you can really train your skill. This can be compared to taking part in a driving school. First you “drive” at a PC to learn and integrate already important skills. Later you do the real training in the car on the street.

The training itself must be created in a way, that it is motivating, interesting, fun, a positive experience and that it is made of smaller goals which are feasible to accomplish. For example: Work on a new skill and master it for 30 seconds, then for one minute, then for 2 minutes, so that in the end you make it for ten minutes which means that you have realized your goal. When you go directly for ten minutes, then you experience a lot of failures which destroy easily your motivation.

In the end I want to emphasize again the great importance of expressing your will together with the goal. The goal is the idea which is taken from Akasha to make it realize. So, the goal is defined as already existing/accomplished in present tense. Akasha is beyond time and space.

In conclusion, this was a short reminder how you should approach all your goals for full success. And at last, – certainly, goals should be realistic, realistic in the magical frame.