In most countries today a kind of patriarchy is ruling but there was a time where things were different.

I have been reading a book called “The Oera-Linda manuscripts”. It is an ancient text which talks about the history of Europe. There was a time long ago where there was fertile land between Great Britain, the Netherlands and Denmark. This land sunk due to a major natural disaster. This land was the origin of a matriarchy culture which spread over Europe. The text says that there were a few main mothers for the different countries which were in charge for society, religion, justice, etc. The society itself was free, free men and free women who all followed common laws for the greater benefit of all.

From the east, the Middle East, patriarchy came with priests in power and with a society which was not free but separated in rulers, citizens and slaves.

The text says that these priests did all to maintain their power and all against the possibility of freedom. So, they misused their religious leadership to keep people dull and under control. Those representatives from the original Matriarchy were not happy with this and so they tried their best to teach the priests and to bring them back on the path to freedom. But the priests were obsessed by the power and the people were not able to deal with the idea of freedom. And so it didn´t work out and the representatives of the Northern countries had to escape (from the Greek islands where they met the priests).

Now, I certainly cannot report the whole story in all details and perfection. I just want to point at the situation in these times. When we look at our world today, then we see that the Goddess, the Matriarchy, the power of women, the positive influence of women is not given in society or not as it should be. But we still have this patriarchy, we still have these false priests in power and we still have this lack of freedom. Indeed, slavery has developed in a way that people don´t understand that they are enslaved. The system of slavery has been improved to perfection.

And so much about our history has been lost, has been destroyed by natural disasters, by war, by the winners, by the missionaries, by ignorant and uneducated people, etc. It is a great tragedy and the world would look completely different if we remember our past, the ancient history.

Our systems today are diabolic, and people are so used to them that they think that all is good. In the future, things must change. Men and women must rule together to maintain a prospering society in true freedom.