The topic of gender from the spiritual point of view

Today, we experience extreme fights about gender and the development of all kinds of ideas about this topic. Meanwhile people discuss 60 different genders. Depending on the country there are around 92,6 % – 98,5 % of heterosexual orientated people and around 1,5% – 7,4% of so-called LGBT orientated people. (Dalia Study, 2016)

Now, maybe you are surprised how all these genders can suddenly appear while until some years ago people were convinced that there are only two genders, – male and female. We will answer this question later.

My article cannot take part in any fights and cannot support any aggression in any way. We can only examine together the spiritual position in this discussion of genders. A spiritual position cannot be an ideologic position. It can not serve any human opinions, desires, prejudices, political or economical goals. The spiritual position must follow higher wisdom, higher knowledge and it must be based on the laws of creation.

“Gender” starts with physics, with the principle of polarity. Originally there are two poles which are interdependent, vitalizing each other and from the same origin. We call if fire and water. The Chinese Taoists call it Yin and Yang. Physicists call it “plus pole” and “minus pole”. There are many names. When we take the terms fire element and water element, then we can understand that the two poles are the same energy in two different states. Fire is active, hot, expansive while water is passive, cool, magnetic. Now, when only the state of the energy makes the difference, there cannot be any difference in value or quality. It is one energy in two different states. This is important to understand as this principle can be found everywhere in nature.

In the next step, this idea of polarity gets the labels of male and female. Fire is male. Water is female. This labeling is certainly absolute abstract and far away from human genders, from men and women. All human terms are limited and not at all perfect. This must be understood as well.

So, why do we speak of fire as male and water as female? Simply because we can see similarities in these principles. The male is active and procreates while the female is passive, receives and gives birth. Fire and water. Man and woman. Both are interdependent and nourishing each other. And both have the same “value” as they are the two sides of same coin, two expressions of one energy.

And here we see that it is pure nonsense to believe that one of them is better than the other. Both deserve the same respect and appreciation. But it is also true that both need to be respected in their individual nature, fire as fire and water as water. Fire is not water and water is not fire.

In conclusion, we have an abstract level of male and female labeling which is used for physics, principles of nature, etc. and which has not much to do with human men and women. But the human gender originates from these principles in the end.

Still on the level of metaphysics, we can see that the first polarity (primary parents) originates from the state of unity, the one energy (state), and that fire and water procreate the “individual”, a child which consists of fire and water, bound by earth, as an individual unit. This “child” has male and female aspects with one dominating. So, there are children where water is dominating and so they are female while other children have fire dominating and they are male.

This principle of procreating individuals/units from the plane of spirit over the astral plane down to the material plane is in general valid. The whole creation is made of this primary polarity together with the individualizing principle, consisting of both and with one dominating pole.

In conclusion, we can say that human beings have female and male qualities on the mental level, the emotional (soul) level and on the level of functions in the physical body. As human beings like all beings in the material world need to procreate, they have bodies with female or male sex organs. This mirrors the primary polarity of the first “parents”, fire and water. And this is an expression of the law of analogy which rules creation. We have a man and a woman with children.

There are two principles in nature, – one which says that we have always the full color wheel and not a limited number of colors, and the second one which says that nearly always there is an exception to the rule. These principles lead to the phenomenon that the majority of people belongs to men or women with the corresponding biological gender and sexual orientation while a few show differences in the sexual organs or the sexual orientation. This is just normal and natural. In a first step, this explains why there are people with different sex organs or a different sexual orientation. Further aspects will be analyzed later.

Now, let´s come back to the human personality. So, in the normal case we have a fixed, physical gender due to our biological nature, man or woman. However this is, we can see that there are men with strong female characteristics, and women with strong male characteristics. Nevertheless, they are still men respectively women with the normal sexual orientation.

One principle in nature says that we have the whole range of quantity and quality. This means that we have “typical” men which are the majority and then we have men which are super male or very female. These are rare cases, again due to principles of nature. The same is true for women. Now, regarding relationships, we can see again a principle of nature at work, – that corresponding to the dominance of female or male characteristics a fitting partner is chosen. A “strong male” looks for a “strong female”. A man with strong female qualities looks for a woman with strong male qualities. This is simply a matter of attraction and compensation, being complete together, fire and water, in the different constellations.

In conclusion, we see that we have already on this level a great diversity of people with differences in the composition of female and male qualities.

Now, let us take a further look on gender. When you are active in past-life-therapy which is based on the fact of reincarnation, past lives and the spiritual worldview, then you are confronted with problems and traumas, conflicts originating from gender and relationships. So, it can easily happen that a client narrates about his suffering in a past life because of his gender, maybe because he was a woman in a society where women are treated in a bad way. He was so traumatized that he decided to incarnate as a man in this life. So, a former woman decides to incarnate now as a man to be safe from evil treatment and suffering. The same thing can happen with a former man who incarnates now as a woman. Besides this frame of trauma, suffering and hurts, it is quite normal that the human spirit changes from time to time the gender for his next incarnation to make new experiences and to balance his personality, his characteristics and abilities.

Now, in past life therapy, you can have clients who feel gay in this life. Certainly, this is no problem at all. Interesting are possible causes for being gay which come to the surface during the hypnosis sessions. One main reason is an unprocessed trauma because of gender due to abuse or painful experiences. Another reason can be that the incarnated spirit is so used to be female or male that the present incarnation in a body with the opposite gender does not feel right. Spirit/soul do not fit with the gender of the body.

Therapy means to help the client heal from bad experiences, from trauma and to dissolve blockades. This can happen or can be done certainly also in this frame of past life therapy in connection with gender-based suffering.

In conclusion, we can find reasons for the sexual orientation or gender or problems with gender in the past of a person, in former incarnations and the connected bad or good experiences. I personally know women who tried incarnations as men and made such bad experiences that they decided to incarnate again only as women. I also know cases of men who are gay in this life and who were women in the last incarnation.

In general, it doesn´t matter at all if you are heterosexual, gay, a man or a woman. We are all humans. And we all deserve the same respect, love, care and appreciation.

We can only make research to understand better why things happen.

When we now think about the spiritual path itself, then we see that the seeker is asked to develop male and female qualities, skills and powers in a balanced way. It is the marriage of the two genders in himself which means completeness and perfection. The enlightened master identifies in main with his nature as a spirit while he perceives men and women as children or as brothers and sisters. Certainly, in a relationship, he will feel his male dominance in his personality due to the attraction of his wife. It is the natural attraction and interaction of male and female energies.

Again, and in conclusion, gender does not matter. We are all compositions of male and female qualities with a certain dominance which normally corresponds with the biological gender.

Now, let´s come back to what is happening these days. As we have seen, there are only two real genders, two real poles of polarity, male and female. There are also only two real biological genders.

The 60 genders are simply an ideological, social construct. There are people who proclaim that being male or female is not a biological matter but a social conditioning and that everyone can choose deliberately what he or she wants to be. Ideology is the opposite to reality. Now, certainly everyone can proclaim to be this or that and but it is the question if there is any sense in it or also any kind of benefit for the person. This free mental choice of gender has expanded already into further fields of life, so that some people proclaim that you can also choose your ethnic group or your nature itself. This means practically speaking that someone from France can proclaim to be a Mongolian or a native African or whatever he wants to be. And if this is not enough, he can proclaim to be a tree, an alien, a stone or whatever.

In conclusion, we can say that this “free mental choice of your nature” is at least questionable and indeed a sign that something is in disorder. Disorder means that there is somewhere a conflict between spirit/soul and physical body. And this means that research for causes and a healing treatment would be useful. Besides this, everyone can believe whatever they like, and they can behave however they like. This is a matter of the freedom which is given to all human beings. And this means that there is no sense in judging people.

At last, we come to an important point, – the work of the dark side. Normally people do not imagine genders beyond male, female and gay and bisexual orientation. 60 genders and all the ideological propaganda including all the artificial fights in society are the work of the dark side. The dark side follows the goal to create chaos wherever it is possible to destroy the natural-divine order. The propaganda suggests in a hypnotic way that we all can choose if we want to be heterosexual, gay, bisexual or anything else which is imaginable and beyond this. It also suggests that we should try everything and this already from the age of young children where the sexual drive is still sleeping. Ego, uncontrolled lust, lower passions, perversity and total disinhibition are celebrated. The sacredness of love, of the greatest mystery of creation is profaned and degraded to the human animal nature. This is not about morals. It is something to think about. One main point here is that sex is something private, normally, but today everyone needs to know what is indeed not at all his business.

It is the old “panem et circenses” from the Roman Empire. Provide games and food for the masses, and you will keep them entertained and under your control. Give them alcohol, drugs, unlimited sex, soccer on TV and the slaves will work well under your control.

I must say that we live in very interesting times where the dark side launches one experiment after the other. People are so mentally ill, driven into madness by the elite, that they believe that all is fine, that they are right. But in fact, most people are already at the edge of collapse, brainwashed, mentally destroyed and perverted, broken, sucked out of their vitality, ideologically conditioned, only functioning like dull machines, having lost the divine spark. And they are happy with it. All is fine.

At last I want to point at the need to show loving care, respect and appreciation to all those brothers and sisters of the human family who have conflicts with their biological gender or sexual orientation. As I have explained already, the causes are logical and natural. All fights regarding gender are artificial and made in main by religion. It is high time that we all focus again on the most important fact, – that we are all humans, all brothers and sisters of the human family and that we must stand together for the light of unity and against the diabolic forces of separation, aggression and endless fights.

We must heal all wounds, unite again and become again powerful to change this ill world into a happy, healthy and prospering world for all of us, where love, compassion, wisdom and understanding are ruling for the benefit of all beings.

Most people today are suffering a lot from all their bad experiences, their traumas from this life and from former incarnations. Healing is what we all need so bad, enlightenment and understanding.

Let us all work together on establishing the divine principle of unity for mankind beyond all borders. Let us heal the wounds of artificial, diabolic separation. Let us all get back into our natural-divine state of wellbeing and personal power to work together on a bright future for the human family.

Epilogue: Although this article is very short in comparison to all the diverse aspects which I have treated, I hope that the positive message is clear beyond all stupid prejudices and ideological, evil propaganda. I know and appreciate a lot of people and it was never a question of gender or sexual orientation. Divine love and compassion do not care about such things. Only humans with all their limitations have problems in this regard. Humanity must grow beyond such limitations. Divine love is all-embracing. God loves all his children in an equal way. The Divine Mother loves all her children in the same way. Love rules. Love counts. Love is the way for all of us.