Suicide and the Underworld

There are situations in life where the darkness reaches a level which seems to be unbearable. The hope for changes has left. There is no light anymore. Just suffering. And it seems that there is no way out.

In such a situation, the concerned person produces great amounts of negative energies, – negative thoughts, negative emotions, which all work like dark slime, covering himself, clogging his chakras and nadis, so that the vital flow of energy is blocked. The dark energies are also hanging like dark clouds in his aura and so no light can enter, no healthy energies can vitalize him. Further on, wounds of his soul are bleeding energy. And his overall condition attracts negative beings, parasites which perceive him as prey. Probably there are also negative influences by other humans and his living space is also contaminated with bad energies.

If in such a situation instant help is not available, illness, death or suicide will come.

Suicide is not a spontaneous matter, but it is a process, starting with thoughts about suicide, later it becomes a concrete plan with details and then in worst case it is done.

The earlier help is offered and accepted, the better. Often relatives like family and friends have no idea about such plans. The concerned person keeps silence and shows normal behavior. So, it is very dangerous and hard to discover.

Now, from the spiritual point of view, the clogging with dark energies is the basic problem as it blocks the light and the supply with vital energies. As soon as the person gets cleaned from all the darkness, the vital supply with healthy energies and with light is given and with this the person is enabled to find solutions and to cause necessary changes. Suicide is prevented.

Certainly, a lot of work needs to be done like increasing the understanding and awareness of the person for his situation, psychotherapy to change thinking, emotional reactions and behavior, changes in his life situation, and so on.

In the case that a person commits suicide to escape his bad life situation, the soul will discover that all the bad energies are still there after leaving the body. So, some negative aspects might be finished but the real problem is not solved. And this means that the soul will walk through the underworld to release all the darkness. “Underworld” means astral realms which are dark and characterized by suffering. It is a principle in creation that everything must go there where it belongs to. Ashes to ashes, dust to dust, darkness to darkness, light to light. Someone who is filled with darkness cannot dwell in heaven. This is just impossible due to the great differences in nature.

In conclusion, the soul has no advantage in committing suicide. The suffering goes on after death. Further on, a great chance to balance problems and to grow is wasted. The hero grows by each challenge. No challenge, no hero.

The worst part is after all, that the person causes often extra harm and problems to those who he has left on earth. And he won´t be happy with himself in the higher realms as he has failed in his challenge.

And then, in the next incarnation, the same problems will continue, – as long as it takes for the person to face them and to manage the challenge.

In conclusion, there is nothing good in trying to escape independent how dark the situation is. There is only one good way, – to face the challenge and to get as much support as necessary to be successful in the end.

Important to understand is that life on earth is planned before the incarnation. This means also that hardship and problems come along with solutions and the support to find and realize them. When you know this, then you can react in a better way towards hard times. You are meant to be successful. Then the questions are how you can be successful and what is needed? And here it is more a matter of perception, opening eyes and ears, instead of thinking hard. It is a matter of divine guidance, of intuition and coming up situations, opportunities and happy coincidences. So, it makes a lot of sense to maintain a strong connection with God and the higher realms to be able to see the signs, to understand what needs to be done.

May these explanations serve all souls in despair well.

The divine sun shines permanently.

It is up to us to dissolve the dark clouds in our microcosm.