The problem with the crown chakra

The crown chakra is the highest, divine center, the center of the divine spirit, the absolute, impersonal, cosmic consciousness. A highly developed master has realized this cosmic consciousness and so he is able to let the Divine Spirit speak through him with total authority and absolute power.

Such a high self-realization takes a very long spiritual training and is rarely accomplished even by serious practitioners. Now, when you take a look at normal humans, then we can see that the crown chakra is active to some degrees, more or less. Some students on the spiritual path might have a better developed crown chakra. This depends on their former spiritual training in past lives.

When we go back to the master with his cosmic consciousness, then we see that it is an aspect of a perfectly refined and developed divine personality. This means inter alia that his divine authority  and absolute power from the crown chakra is balanced by the heart chakra with its virtues of compassion, wisdom, love and understanding. And this means that normally, the master does not use his authority in a pure way but wraps it into love, making it smooth and good to take. Normal people and spiritual students simply cannot take the full power of the divine authority and so it must be “prepared”, so that it fits individually. Therefore, students feel comfortable with the messages of their master. They feel understood. They feel the love and compassion which the master has for them. And they feel that they can take it and process it in mind and soul.

If a master would not work in this way, the messages of the divine authority could easily destroy or damage students and normal people.

Now, we can see these destructive effects when normal people and students make subconsciously use of their crown chakra without using the heart chakra to balance it. And this is a real problem.

It starts with parents or teachers at school who are in a situation where they appear as authorities with power over children. From their crown chakra, they subconsciously draw energy and then unleash their messages towards the powerless individuals, here the children with penetrating and destructive effects. “You messed up everything! You are stupid! Shame on you!” and so on. The child has no protection and feels broken. It will take a lot of effort to build up the self-confidence of the child again. The adults who behave like this are not aware of what they are doing. It is a misuse of authority, of the crown chakra.

We know such examples also from all kinds of people in positions of power, – the boss in the company, doctors, educators, teachers, etc.

A special situation is when spiritual students get into states of a certain activation of the crown chakra and then give “messages” to others, to fellows or people. The power of authority is higher and more penetrating, more powerful and with this certainly also more destructive. The results are, that they easily damage good relations with their spiritual fellows or in their own families, etc.

The authority “style” in communication is probably the most hated and least tolerated way of delivering messages. So, if you communicate like this, you can easily grow the number of real enemies.

The hidden message, intended or not, is that the “authority” is better than the receiver of the message. It is not a communication on eye level.  

Exactly this problem, we can find on social media platforms like Facebook where people discuss topics, feeling like superior authorities. It just causes a lot of hate and damage, instead of a nice exchange of experiences and points of view for growing together in understanding.

As you can imagine, I recommend becoming aware of such behavior and to balance the crown chakra activities with the virtues of the heart. In this way, you will grow the number of people who appreciate and like you. It is also a necessary step towards real mastery.