About dating

Partner search and choice of partner are big topics for everyone. For spiritual people it can be an even bigger topic. The choice of partner is often more complex for spiritual people, simply because there are more questions which need good answers. And so, I want to spread some light on this challenging topic.

Let´s start with the basis. From the point of nature, it just takes a man and a woman and a certain sexual attraction. Then offspring is guaranteed, and the purpose is fulfilled.

This principle of sexual attraction is still active. Most people check subconsciously other persons if they are sexually attractive or not. It is the basic check. Further checks will tell about the quality of the relation between both. Do we fit? Is there sympathy? Is there a role setting? And so on. The subconscious scanning of each other is natural, also important and by doing so, we know the resonance or attraction to a person.

Attraction is a matter of the play of polarity. Fire is attracted by water. Men are attracted by women. Women are attracted by men. Attraction is magnetism. And attraction happens only if there is a resonance, – if both poles fit to each other in quality and power. And so, attraction and resonance are a matter of nature, of human nature, of the personality of men and women.

Now, we have two main cases. The main case is real attraction, the firework of male and female energies meeting each other. Here the male pole and the female pole, man and woman, nourish each other with their energies. It is a matter of becoming complete, of being one greater unit, a complete polarity unit. Man and woman are simply two sides of one coin. Only together, they work well, simply because they are complementing each other.

The second case is the idea of “Birds of a feather flock together.” This means that two persons who are very similar in personality can come together without real attraction but on the basis of similarity. This can be a wonderful friendship, true brotherhood and also a “relaxed” form of love. Here the similarity has nourishing and stabilizing effects. There is no tension between both, just harmony.

Attraction means tension and tension can be positive, vitalizing.

However, even when a man and a woman come together based on similarity, there is still the polarity of female and male energies.

Another level of examination is the distribution of the four elements in the character of man and woman. Here we can see also a kind of attraction and desire for completeness and harmony. So, someone with much earth element might look for a partner with much air element to find a balance as a couple. It is the question: What do I need from my partner and what can I offer to my partner?

The main key is always harmony, completeness. Man and woman come together to achieve a higher unity, harmony and completeness. And this is done on the mental plane, the astral plane and on the physical plane, – mind, soul and body. It must work out on all three levels and in all four elements and in the polarity of male and female nature.

In conclusion, it is all a matter of physics on higher levels. When you understand this, then you have the keys to find the right partner, to check yourself and your needs, and then to think about the personality of the fitting partner.

Let´s move on to further secrets of dating or partner search. Basically, there must be attraction and there must be a useful degree of similarity. So far so good. Now we have two different points of view, – the human, limited point of view and the divine, unlimited point of view. We humans think that we need to search for the right partner, that we need to do this and that to get him or her. This includes a lot of thinking, testing of different “methods”, many failed attempts, changing ideas, improving wishes, etc. Indeed, this challenge keeps people very busy over many years. The tragic-funny point is that life delivers someone as a partner where it often does not fit into our ideas of the right situation and the perfect partner.

From the higher point of view, it is all totally different. Here it is not about human desires for total love, perfect happiness, a blessed life, etc. Here the goal is to get together with a partner for making useful experiences. These useful experiences are a matter of getting the chance to make progress in personal development, a matter of balancing old karma in third place to have a positive, nice or good time together. Life on earth is all about making experiences, learning and personal development. And this includes always healing, balancing of old problems and old karma. For all these things, we need the fitting partner. This partner or these partners corresponding to the different periods in life, are chosen before on the higher planes of existence in the planning process before the incarnation. We can imagine this as a meeting of souls together with spiritual guides where the coming incarnation is discussed and planned. Here the questions come up: Who will take which role in life? With which purpose? What are the main topics for personal development? Which are the main lessons to learn? What needs to be balanced? Which situations are needed to accomplish the goals? And so on.

It is like preparing a stage play with the director and the actors. Now, the souls often know each other from many incarnations and can be called a “soul family”. When you meet someone on earth for the first time and you have the impression that you both know each other for an eternity already, then you can be sure that it is a soul from your soul family. But this does not mean that it is all happy as everyone has lessons to learn and challenges to work on.

Besides the soul family, there are also, certainly, other souls, so we make new friends in the coming incarnation.

In conclusion, life on earth is planned before with meaning and goals, and this includes relationships and love.

Here we come also to the idea of “soulmates” which is very romantic from the human point of view. From the higher point of view, it just means that two souls know each other for many incarnations. It does not mean that here love and peace and pure happiness rule. It can be that fights and problems from old incarnations simply go on in this life. In conclusion, the idea of soulmates is nice but not more.

Now, what can we say, – there is a basic instinct for the choice of partner, it is all about balancing the polarity of energies to feel complete, then life on earth is planned before the incarnation, it is not about human desires but about a higher sense, lessons, personal development and balancing karma. In conclusion, the choice of partners is already limited, given, prepared and in fact, both partners recognize each other by signs, codes, situations thatwere agreed to long before.

This probably does not really sound romantic. The “management level” including the planning phase is not romantic but on earth, it is different as we are here in “real life” and as we do not remember consciously the preparation phase above.

Now, what is left to do when all seems to be set and prepared already?

The main key, as usual, is an increased awareness for yourself, your situation in life and the choice of your partner. When you understand the hidden principles and processes then you have the best basis to unfold a positive influence on everything.

This means, in a first step you should become aware of your own personality with its positive and negative aspects. You should also check your own balance of the four elements. When you know yourself, then you know also the fitting partner.

In the second step you need to understand that all your flaws naturally cause problems in your personal life and in a relationship with a partner. And this means that you probably will attract someone with fitting flaws and that if you work on your flaws, you can get a partner who is also refined like you. And this means to prevent problems and suffering by conscious personal development before. This is a true chance for a happy relationship.

Further on, it means that you can consciously perceive your relationship as a chance to grow together with your partner, to work together on your problems, to cause precious healing together. And the earlier you work on healing and learning your lessons, the more time of pure happiness you can enjoy together.

In conclusion, there are great chances hidden and it is up to you to take them for your benefit.

The dating process or choice of partner is in fact more an extended, higher perception, a waiting for the one who is meant to come. So, open your eyes and your ears, tell the higher realms that you are ready and then look out for the right one. Certainly, you should support situations where you can meet the right one.

One main key is also to become ready. Most people have a great desire for a happy relationship but simply are not ready. Other things are more important in certain periods of life. Personal lessons need to be learned first. And often there are mental blockades, bad experiences, unhealthy beliefs, old hurts, etc. which needs to be dissolved and healed first to feel free for a relationship. Again, here is the key to work on these things consciously.

I wish all singles the Divine Guidance, the love and wisdom to find the fitting partner for a truly blessed relationship. Love is the greatest mystery and the greatest gift. May we all become happy!