The “I am” formula

Imagine that you play chess but for some unknown reasons you do not make moves with your chess pieces. It is more that due to an external influence a chess piece moves to a new position while you are watching the whole game in a quite passive way.

Life is about taking consciously useful positions. Otherwise the positions are occupied by useless or destructive ideas, programs or are open to what ever fate might bring.

An adept or master sets consciously the best seeds in all aspects of life and on all planes of existence to reap the best fruits.

This topic can also be called “mind setting”, “programming”, “setting of seeds”, “taking position”, “working on the Akasha level”, etc. It does not really matter. Important is to understand this principle and to know that it is a logical hierarchy of settings which gives not only orientation but which also directs your life, your experiences and the development of your personality.

Let´s take an example. Imagine that you are quite a normal person. So you do not follow a higher philosophy but you live as life happens. This means you react to situations in life according to your present pool of experiences and subconscious, often emotional drives. This can be good or bad reactions. You are not really in control about your reaction and the effects of your reaction. For example, if you have a good day, you are kind to people, but if you have a bad day, you behave in a rude way to people and people react in a not nice way. But it doesn´t really touch you because you are quite normal.

Now let´s imagine that you are on the spiritual path and you have understood that kindness in general is a spiritual, positive quality, originating from the principle of divine love and unity, and wonderful to experience for all who are concerned. So now you can make the setting to be always kind to all beings. This means the vacant position for behavior towards people, animals, beings is set now in a positive way. And this means it cannot be set with bad behavior or by external influences. From now on, from this conscious decision on you behave always in a kind way and you will reap the corresponding positive fruits. The kind attitude is now your directive which influences all situations in the future.

Or let´s take another example – success. Maybe it doesn´t matter for you so far if you are successful or not. This “it doesn´t matter attitude” makes you a passive “victim” of external influences which decide for you if you have success or not. But if you choose consciously to be successful then situations will realize which support the success in your life. It is a matter of your mind set.

In conclusion the wise master makes up his mind about all aspects of life and then sets exactly what he wants. He creates his mind set consciously, gives his life orientation (on spiritual ideals) and then behaves in this way and reaps all corresponding fruits. He is no longer a passive victim of fate, of external influences. He is the master of his life. He has taken responsibility.

Now back to the hierarchy of settings:

The highest, divine setting is made by using the “I am” formula.

For example: I am one with God. I am success. I am love. I am compassion. I am vitality. I am an embodiment of the laws of creation. I am harmony. I am peace. And so on. This formula points at the principle of unity, – unity with God, unity with divine virtues and states of mind.

When I say “My Father and I are one!” or “I am one with God!” then there is no place to feel separated. But you enjoy the unity with God.

When I say “I am love!” then there is no place for a feeling of hate. But I am nourished, saturated by love and I am expressing love.

In conclusion this formula represents the highest setting.

From this highest setting “lower” settings in the hierarchy are derived automatically. From the idea of love you can easily derive a kind behavior, also showing understanding, giving support, being compassionate, etc.

Here it is good to meditate about all what can be derived and to write it down. This helps to integrate the different ideas, feelings and habits in your personality.

At last you can think about what these things mean for the different aspects of life like family, relationships, business, education, etc.

When you follow all these ideas you consciously create a new spiritual, positive personality which attracts corresponding positive situations in life and people.

Another aspect: All these ideas can unfold a great power in your life but you can also empower these ideas to achieve healing, dissolving of blockades, integrating higher degrees of balance, etc. Happiness, harmony, abundance, success, etc. can come into your life in this way. Ideas become complex, concrete thought forms which wrap into astral-emotional energies which realize in habits, behavior and new, positive situations and in the end you will reap the fruits.

The conscious mind setting is very important for everyone to get into a positive control of life.