Physics in Metaphysics

The science of physics is basically very simple and good to comprehend. Some of these simple laws of physics can also be easily applied to metaphysics, the physics of mind and soul or the mental and astral plane. It is simply all about energies independent on which plane of existence they are active. All energies have to follow certain laws of nature and this is in main just a matter of mathematics. The point here is simply to transfer the knowledge of physics to the “behavior patterns” of thoughts, emotions, drives, impulses, etc. which are nothing else than energy again.

Let´s take an example: Imagine that you are sitting completely relaxed on your couch without any drive to get up to do something. Now you need will power or an emotional drive or a physical drive to get up and this energy must be strong enough to move you. On the physical plane another person could come and lift you up. Or you need to go to the toilet. Here you can examine how long it takes until the pressure is no longer bearable. On the emotional level maybe you find the energy because your girl-friend will come and you are super happy to see her. Maybe you have a strong will and a good sense for duties and so you force yourself to get up to accomplish your tasks. In all cases a specific amount of energy is needed to move you. These can be energies of the mental plane, of the astral plane or on the physical plane.

An interesting point in this regard is that depending on the situation and the person specific energies like ideas, thoughts, feelings, passions, needs can be stronger than others. For example a word from an authority can make you move quickly or emotions can drive your easily.

Often in life we experience situations with ambivalent thoughts and emotions. This means that there are energies for a specific aim and there are others which are against this aim. And then is simply the question which energies are more powerful.

Here you can easily apply the laws of physics. You can consciously withdraw power, add power, cut bonds which are holding you back, destroy the chains or apply the necessary energies for full success. Often it is a combination where at first bonds or chains are cut, blockades dissolved and then extra energy is given to reach an aim.

Another field is the realization of wishes. It is easy to comprehend that an idea needs energy to realize in the material world. So you need a certain amount of mental energy, soul energy and later physical energy to realize a wish.

This means also if a wish does not realize then you know that there was not enough energy invested respectively that counter forces were to powerful. And this means that it is now the time to think about what you need to change to be able to realize your wish successfully.

When we think now about the development of new skills, new characteristics, new powers and new types of behavior then again we see easily that it is a question of energy, of building up/using the right quality and the right quantity of energy. And this takes time.

So when you do an exercise thinking “why is there no progress?” then you should know that it is simply a matter of time, of investing enough energy and energy with the right quality. As soon as a certain threshold value is reached, you will observe changes and first results. But now you must continue to really unfold your new skills completely and to set them as a new “structure” in your energy system.

In conclusion it makes no sense to give up too early but to keep the exercise respectively to meditate about what you might need to change for better success. Maybe blockades must be cleared. A sprinter cannot reach his goal as long as he is enchained in his position.

All in all it is wise to think about these very simple aspects of physics and to apply them to the world of ideas, thoughts, feelings, emotions, drives, passions, addictions, etc.