Main ways to call on God

Besides the normal prayer of uninitiated people, we have the “professional” ways of calling on God. I want to put some light on these different ways as they are beautiful and fascinating, also certainly something every student on the path must know.

Maybe the way of the Bhakta is well-known by many students. It is the approach of the mystic, the great devotee who is in love with God. This approach has several steps which I don´t want to mention. The main “technique” is to get in a deep state of worshipping love where you are filled, overflowing with all-embracing love, with devotion, with longing for God. In this state of deep love and strongest desire for united for God, you call on God and God will unite with you. This unity in love will cause a great and most satisfying ecstasy in you. A greater happiness in unity cannot be experienced than here.

The magician takes the opposite way, the way of will and power. So he calls on God in the greatest authority and power he can express. The result is a powerful enlightenment which activates the cosmic consciousness, the unity in spirit. Here is the focus on divine consciousness, divine authority and almightiness. (The magician needs to be refined already to such high degrees that he can bear the cosmic consciousness and enlightenment.)

Then we have the true theurgist, the quabbalist who has refined his nature to divine degrees in all aspects. Such a perfect macrocosmic spirit in a human body does not really need to call on God. His being is of divine nature already. It is more a light shift in consciousness or a focus on specific divine virtues / states of mind to extra emphasize the unity. A real theurgist is a master of all divine ecstasies, of all divine states of the consciousness and the soul. He can easily unite with all kinds of deities.

Besides these ways in concrete and abstract ways, active and passive, there is another very nice way to call on God. It is also a mystical way. Here you get into the state of the pure, innocent child which stands naked in front of God, the Father. It is the child which calls on the Divine Father, expressing its needs, its pains, its suffering, the child which asks for help, for guidance, for nourishment. This innocent, pure heart will be heard like parents listen to their little children, taking good care of them. This way allows you to be human with all your imperfections, your mistakes. When your heart is pure, when you are honest, then God will bless you.

At last, maybe, the old knights or men in general call on God in prayers to strengthen the divine-male qualities, powers and skills in them. Correspondingly the ladies or women call on the Goddess to express the divine-female virtues, powers and abilities. In “cross over” prayers men pray for the complementing, healing, comforting energies of the Goddess while women ask for the complementing male energies and qualities of the Father for their needs.

However, find your personal way to call on God, to unite with the Divine. Enjoy the great happiness and ecstasy which unity offers.