Laws and patterns

We have the laws of creation which are embodied in every creature, in all beings. These laws express themselves in all what happens, in the cycles of nature as well as in all patterns of thinking, feeling and behavior.

Now, the study of the laws is already interesting and beneficial for the spiritual student. When we examine life, situations in life, other people, certain ideas, needs, desires then we can see returning patterns, patterns with always the same triggers, the same processes and the same results.

We human show habits, the same patterns of behavior often over a whole life time.

For us on the spiritual path it is very important to become completely aware about all these patterns and to question them, to understand how they work and also to check if they are beneficial or not. If not then we should change them for more happiness and success in life. Suffering is often based on repeating bad patterns of behavior which do not fit the needs for positive results.

Insufficient strategies, bad patterns of behavior origin normally in the childhood but also come from former incarnations, the roles we have played in these lives and the experiences we have made.

For example, as children we learn in main from the behavior of our parents and other authorities. We just copy the behavior of the adults. And this is not always the best thing to do. Especially when we get older “childish” behavior is often not really successful but more a real burden in relationships as it is emotionally based and subconsciously driven.

When we think now about former incarnations then the problems can get really complex. We are marked by the experiences we made in these former incarnations. This includes traumas, suffering, bad situations like war, but also by culture, traditions, beliefs, etc. For example, imagine that you were a warrior in a situation of war and your focus was on survival at all costs with experiences of suffering, trauma, death of beloved ones, etc. Now in this life you are probably still in a “survival” mode, where you see everywhere enemies, where you feel the need to fight, where life is a pain.

In conclusion we see the need for healing, for becoming aware of insufficient patterns of behavior, for changing strategies, perceptions and for opening for something better, for learning.

Unfortunately, we are quite blind when it is about analyzing ourselves or even changing own ways of thinking, perception and behavior. It takes a superhuman effort to go through this process of understanding, healing and changing. In best case, we ask fellows on the path for their support as it is easier for someone else to see the symptoms and the roots of a disbalance.

In general it is useful to examine all kinds of repeating patterns in life, in relationships, in society, etc. Here you learn a lot about the laws of creation.