The sacrifice of the Light

Once upon a time there was a family with several children. The parents were already dead and the children had to take care for themselves. Although all were brothers of the same blood their egos were so big that there was no love between them. Only the oldest brother was different, full of idealism, with a big heart and great visions. He was a powerful man with a great spirit. His heart´s desire was to bring progress for all, to enlighten all and to unfold the divine nature for everyone´s benefit. Indeed, he was a man of divine spirit, a servant of the Light, rich in mind and soul, and powerful in his physical nature. He was very diligent and with lots of gifts, also righteous and not selfish like the others.

His younger brothers didn´t like him. They hated him. This power, this righteous attitude, all these idealistic visions – it was too much to bear for them, for these selfish, evil and jealous little minds with their unsatisfiable hunger for power and their bad characters.

Quite early they understood that it was necessary to take action, to get rid of this unloved older brother, this painful good character. And so they had a secret meeting to discuss how to deal with him.

“He is too powerful for a single one of us! It is necessary to ally to be victorious!” one of the brothers started the discussion. In fact, the selfish brothers didn´t like themselves too but evil aims can cause unity at least for a period of time. Another brother answered “Yes, it is right. Let us attack him together and kill him. Then we can share his property and wealth among us.” A third brother started “Yes, let´s do it! He is such a pain in the ass. We should have finished him already years ago! I hate him so much!” Then the youngest brother said “Brothers, I know, we cannot stand his good character, his virtues, his divine spirit, but let us do not kill him directly. It is better to use him, to enslave him. When we keep him alive under our control we can suck out all his vitality over years and decades to become fat like parasites from his blood.”

The brothers were enthusiastic about this wonderful idea and the darkness of their souls rejoiced. What a great satisfaction in the end!

And so the brothers sat together to develop a master plan, a piece of art which filled their dark hearts with joy.

One day the evil brothers staged an incident where the oldest brother was forced by his good nature to intervene. On basis of this intervention the evil brothers accused the oldest brother for unlawful behavior, violating their rights and property. The oldest brother was too good to understand that he was tricked and so he was shocked about the aggressive behavior of his younger brothers. They used this chance to attack together the older brother. Although we was tall and physically strong, he was not able to make it against the united group of younger brothers who attacked him without any mercy. They were beating him up. In the end the older brother was lying on the floor in his blood. But he was still alive.

During the weeks of his slowly recovery, the younger brother took all his property, all his inventions and all his wealth. But certainly they were not satisfied and had further plans for the hated old brother.

The old brother had to face his loss. Nothing was left. He was alone, blamed for what had happened. But the spirit and the shakti were strong in him and so he started to build up everything which the evil brothers had stolen from him. Quite soon he was in a better state than before with more property, more wealth, more great inventions and ideas. He was again ready to take the leading position.

The other brothers were more than angry. “How could it be that someone who is beaten up and left naked, is able to rise again so powerful in shortest time?” The amount of hate and darkness in their hearts became incredible.

Now it was time for the second part of their master plan and so they spoke to their older brother: “Look, you have caused so much destruction and we have lost a lot. It is obvious that you must pay back all what you have destroyed!”

The older brother had no chance but to agree as he was not in the state to fight again with his evil brothers. And so he paid each month great sums of money to them. They really sucked his blood but he was too powerful to fall.

The evil brothers saw that their plans work out well and that a lot of blood – money – energy could be taken from the victim. Like vampires they were taking his life force.

And then one day it was time for the next step. The older brother was busy with growing and unfolding his spiritual, powerful nature to realize his visions and ideals. And certainly, this was something which should never ever happen!

And so all brothers straight away declared war on him and accused him again about staged incidents. This time the fight was even more devastating than the last time. The idea was not only to destroy him physically but also to break his will, to break his self-confidence and to enslave him completely by using brain washing techniques.

After the battle nearly nothing was left of the older brother. Only a spark of life was still in him. His mind and soul were damaged. His body was nearly dead.

The evil brothers used this chance to manipulate him according to their plans. During his recovery process they told him that he was of evil nature, starting all these fights against his loving and kind brothers who only wanted the best for him. They made him understood that he was so bad and so guilty that never ever a time of salvation could come for him. His guilt was eternal. Taking all this brainwashing, the oldest brother felt ashamed and the guilt was a heavy burden on his shoulders. He was traumatized, left in pains and grave allegations. He could not understand what he had done to his loving brothers. Why was he so evil?

With a broken mind and a broken heart, he tried the best to balance all the evil he did to his wonderful, forgiving brothers. He understood that it was the minimum of compensation to give all brothers monthly payments and to make them gifts wherever he was able to. And certainly, as he had been so dangerous it was a good idea, a necessary step to become permanently controlled by his beloved brothers. Someone who was evil like him really needed to be controlled.

From this point on, he was the willing slave of his younger brothers and he did all they wanted. His self-confidence was completely broken and he was open for all the evil insinuation of his brothers. Thanks to them, he reached a state of self-hate, of wishing to die, to kill himself, to annihilate himself completely for all the evil he did to others.

His younger brothers were satisfied. The hated older brother was now under their control and thanks to the massive trauma of his soul, he would never again develop any positive, spiritual visions for his life. He was perfectly brainwashed and broken.

But this was not the end of the master plan.

For the selfish, evil brothers, the old brother was still too intelligent, too good and they knew that he might could awake from their mind control, from all this brainwashing, from the heavy guilt they planted into his soul. And so it was necessary to make him dull and to pervert his feelings, indeed to lower, to humiliate his whole character. Dull and emotionally easy to control, this was the aim. Then he would be the perfect slave.

In this last step of the master plan the evil brothers organized everything to degrade the old brother, to pervert his soul and to reduce his smartness by causing a heavy and comprehensive chaos in his life. Indeed, they simply turned everything upside-down. They perverted all his values, turned good into bad and bad into good.

The perversion, the chaos and all the problems which came along unfolded a massive, destructive impact on the old brother, the original servant of the Light, the righteous man. The self-destructive processes in his mind and soul were increasing daily. It felt like a heavy disease, like cancer. Total self-destruction. And thanks to the brainwashing, to all the heavy feelings of guilt, he was ready to commit suicide, he was ready to die.

Epilogue: No one knows if this man survived or if the evil brothers were triumphant. However, it is the very sad story of man of Divine Spirit who became the victim of the dark side, simply because the brothers of darkness couldn´t stand his Light. The selfishness and the hate, the longing for control and power caused the evil to happen. Besides this story, the spiritual light gets crucified here in the material world. It sacrifices itself in the world of darkness to awaken the soul who are ready. These sacrifices are done out of love and wisdom but they are painful and sad. I honor all brothers and sisters of the Enteral Light who sacrifices themselves in the darkness to rescue the mature souls, to bring light into the world. We need so much enlightenment, so much love and wisdom down here. May the sacrifices be not for nothing!