Meditation on the natural-divine order

Everyone knows the idea that mankind has fallen. We fell from heaven. We fell from divine grace. We fell into matter, into the material world without any knowledge and perception of our spiritual home. And now we are struggling in a world where God is hidden, where heaven is hidden, where the souls of the deceased are hidden. And we think that we are left alone with the need to fight against each other to survive.

The fall of mankind can be seen as a great tragedy but in fact there is a higher sense hidden. It is the chance to develop individuality, to make experiences in the freedom of choice and to celebrate the return to the divine realms in the end. The fall means separation and separation means freedom.

However it is and however one personally perceives it, a very important aspect of the whole topic is the fact that we did not only fall from heaven into matter but that we have fallen out of the natural-divine order.

When we take a look at the plant and the animal kingdom then we see that all plants and all animals are still in this natural-divine order. For every plant and animal everything is clear, natural, lawful. All beings simply follow their life plans and they behave like they are meant to behave, – completely natural, correspondingly to their specific nature. There is no artificial behavior, no question of the life purpose, no fight against each other, no abuse, no exploitation of nature, of the earth of other beings. It is all lawful and good. Everything follows a higher sense, the principle of harmony, of cycles of life.

Only we humans behave like ignorant children in artificial ways without sanity and reason but with the strangest and most selfish wishes, without paying respect to the greater harmony and higher good. We are stranded here, not knowing what to do and how to behave in the right way. We need religions and morals as guidelines. We need education. We need scientific research. We are too stupid to simply live accordingly to the laws of nature, to the laws of our own nature.

Every single animal knows perfectly what to eat, even what to eat during health problems for healing. Only we humans need to look up in a book about scientific research what we should eat to stay healthy.

We humans are amazing in our ignorance. And still we believe that we are superior to all other beings.

In conclusion our human task and challenge is to get back consciously into the natural-divine order to behave in a natural-lawful behavior for our benefit and the benefit of our fellow beings in creation.

Now what are the effects of returning into the natural-divine order?

It is a feeling of coming home after a very long journey. You know that you are in the right place, that you are loved, respected, accepted, that life takes care of you, that you follow a higher sense, that you are now in harmony and peace with yourself, with God, with creation and with all fellow beings. You are now in balance. You are in order as we say in German. And this all means that the state of suffering, disharmony, problems, wrong thinking and behavior, destructive and self-destructive tendencies is over. Now you can take part in the abundance and beauty of God, of creation, of life itself. You take part in the vitality and joy of life. And things become natural again for you. Happiness will manifest and life becomes playful and filled with wonders like children experience life. We become mature children, children who have the permission to enter heaven like Jesus pointed it out.

I recommend to do meditations about this returning into the natural-divine order. It will cause a wonderful healing of your mind, soul and body, of your life situation. Return home! Take your place! Feel complete and integrated again! Leave all the pain behind! Enjoy the care and the love you receive! Enjoy the greater unity again!

It is high time for everyone of us!