The house with the ten floors

Imagine that you stand in front of a house with ten floors. Looking at it you become aware that not all floors seem to be alive, that obviously some flats are not occupied. While parts of the house are nice, other parts need refurbishment or are dirty. There are also cracks in the façade like big wounds. The house seems to be already several decades old. You might think that this could be a wonderful house with real life on all floors, with inhabitants working together as a community to keep the house in a nice state worthy living in.

While watching and thinking about this house, you get the impression that you know it already. It appears familiar to you but you cannot really remember. And so you enter it.

In the entrance hall you find a sign with a name on it. As you step closer you read your name, – that it is your house. You are the owner!

You decide to go through your house to talk with the people living here. And as you open the first door, the inhabitant welcomes you and say that you haven´t been here for a long time, that everyone was missing you. You are surprised but you still cannot remember anything.

And so you move on, from one door to the next. Most people are friendly and happy about your visit but there are also a few nasty occupants which are quite aggressive or somehow ill. And some flats are also empty. Someone has lived there but left the flats, leaving all the stuff in it. There is a big need to tidy up the flats and to get rid of the rubbish. You want to make your house wonderful and vital again.

While walking through all the floors and flats you become aware that on the different levels different people live with own characteristics. Also the quality of the single floors seems to differ.

At last you reach the top floor. No one opens the door. You become aware of a key in your pocket. It fits and as you enter the last flat you see that it is your own flat. Amazing.

While you consciously get back into your own place, you think about all the other flats and floors, and you decide to call all inhabitants for a gathering.

All inhabitants arrive on the great gathering and you welcome them. Most are very happy to see you and ask you to restore the old order in the house, also to refurbish the house so that it looks nice again. Only the nasty ones cause trouble as they do not like that you are back.

Your appearance brings vitality and happiness to the people and it doesn´t take long until all decide to cooperate in cleaning and refurbishing the big house together. The nasty inhabitants were asked to leave or to change in nature.

After some good amount of work your house started shining again, full of vitality and beauty with happy inhabitants.


We all own such a house and we must remember our duties and responsibilities. It is up to us to restore the order, to clean up, to vitalize, to restore unity and harmony. We must check each single floor and every flat. And we must appreciate all different characteristics of our houses.

Let´s make our houses a home!