The position of the Director is vacant, – interested?

Imagine a movie made without a director and without a script. Something would happen, something would be filmed. But if the result is satisfying is a different question. So most people would agree that a director and a script are very useful or most important for a successful movie.

Let´s transfer this situation to your life. For most people somehow the script is missing and also the position of the director is vacant. In result life develops “somehow”.

The hidden points are that there is a script which has been created carefully on the higher planes before your birth down here and that you are indeed the director of your own life movie but you are not really aware of this. You forgot about it and you are occupied with other things.

The next important point is that it is one major aim in the spiritual development to get into responsibility and to become a conscious director of your life, – this includes also to give commands and to determine what shall happen in your movie, your life.

As long as you do not take consciously your position as the director, other, external influences will control your life independent from your wishes and needs.

No one is born to be directly the perfect director but in fact it is a position to grown in where you good and bad experiences until you reach mastery one day. We all learn the most from our mistakes and the mistakes of others. This is the basis for success.

In conclusion start as soon as possible to become a good director, a wise director, a director which is guided by divine wisdom and inspiration and then say what you want and realize your will. No one else can do this for you. It is your job. And write the script like you want it and make it a master piece, a great movie which you love to remember with humor, happiness, adventures, tasks, challenges, etc. With great characters. Put in all what is necessary for a great movie. And then enjoy.

Again – you must say what you need, what you want. You must express your will like the great Creator does. And then things can happen. Otherwise fate will do something without your control or influence. Take action instead of reacting.

Always learn from mistakes and see them as a chance to grow and to improve. And then enjoy mastery.