The horror of karmic effects

Imagine that you are quite satisfied with your life and the success you have. But there are things which you do not understand and which make you suffer. These problems are there and somehow you are not able to get rid of them.

By coincidence you decide to go to a hypnotherapist. You speak with him about your problems and he tells you that you can make research for the reasons of these problems by asking your subconsciousness. It knows everything and is in general very cooperative. You think that this is an option and so you agree.

While you are in the hypnotic trance, the hypnotherapist asks you about the reason for your problems. Your subconsciousness goes back in time into a faraway past. You experience yourself in a former life, – in a different personality, in different circumstances of life. And here your subconsciousness shows you the reasons for your problems. Something bad happened which caused traumatic experiences. These wounds in your soul have never healed and so – after a whole lifetime and now in a new incarnation – you still suffer and you still need healing. And just because of these unhealed karmic effects you have suffered your whole present life and you were not able to make progress.

Now that the reasons became obvious, healing can take place and your hypnotherapist implements a deep clearing and healing for your mind and soul. The old traumatic energies – the (bad) seeds of karma – are cleared and the old wounds are healed.

Now you are liberated from your blockades and able to make progress.

In most cases such karmic effects from former lives are neither nice nor simple. They are often quite bad, really bad and cause endless suffering, pain and real problems. So in fact we can speak of the horror of karma, – especially as the reasons are not obvious but hidden in the subconsciousness.

At last – we are the sum of all experiences we have made throughout time and space. And quite often we need much clearing and healing.

So when you do not want to suffer more than necessary, it can be wise to visit a hypnotherapist who is able to discover hidden reasons of problems and who can clear and heal them.