Fate management

Some posts before I have spoken about karma and fate. I have said that karma is like a mathematical formula where the used factors provide a certain result. Fate is a long formula with a lot of powerful factors which set the result for a long time.

When you know about karma and fate and how it works, then you can change it. You just have to change the factors of your formula. Bad results are a matter of bad factors, – negative factors and certainly good results are a matter of positive factors. So if you have an amount of negative factors, then you have to look for positive factors to balance the negative ones. The more you get, the better the results. When you undergo a spiritual training then one day you will be liberated from negative factors and you build up only positive factors, positive karma, positive fate. All will become positive.

In India this management of karma is called karma yoga. You serve God, mankind and creation and this compensates, dissolves and heals your bad factors, your bad karma and you build up good karma which provides good fruits, good results for you in all aspects.

So when you do something good for others then this has positive, balancing effects for yourself. If you do enough then you can liberate yourself from bad karma effects. If you do more then you create a positive life for yourself.

It is wise to manage your own karma, your own fate. Become an aware master of your own life. Make the most of your life.