SURA – The International Theistic Federation

I come from the spiritual realms and I have dedicated my life to the spiritual journey. I have sacrificed a lot for my spiritual progress to gain wisdom and enlightenment, to unite with God in all his virtues, to understand the human nature and creation.

It was always my highest ideal to take part in the great opus, to serve the divine plans and the evolution of humanity.

The earth is indeed a big kindergarden where human beings play and behave like little children, – often not knowing what they do. They lack of knowledge, of wisdom, of maturity and they are too selfish to care for others. If you leave little children on their own, disasters are going to happen. Little children need good teachers who really care, who are compassionate, loving and wise but who are also able to show the limits and to differentiate between good and bad behavior. A good teacher supports the children to learn self-responsibility, responsible behavior in general and that everyone has to take charge of his own destiny.

So in fact we can only change the world to better if we provide all necessary information, teachings and abilities to our children. Education is the major key to serve the divine plans for the spiritual evolution of humanity.

This approach is the key idea of SURA – The International Theistic Federation. It is in main all about education – information and the differentiation between light and darkness, good and bad, truth, half-truth and misunderstandings.

As the name already says, it is an international movement which supports the theistic idea that the main aspect of humanity is unity and that we all come from one divine source. This unity is underlying the diversity of cultures, religions and traditions. If we want to solve the problems of today, we have to remember our human roots, the unity of the human family. We also have to restore the natural-divine order. We have to clean, heal and refine all aspects of life. And this is the aim of the association. Under the name SURA we gather the light, the spiritual souls and enlightened ones beyond the limitations of religion, culture and tradition to initiate worldwide altruistic projects to serve humanity, God and creation. The name Sura is a term of old India which means the beings of light in the spiritual realms who serve conciously the divine being. All true spiritual seekers and enlightened human beings belong to the Suras. We stand for the principle in light on earth.

A single person cannot do much but when the light is gathered it will be a spiritual fire which enlightens the world for a better future.

The basic principles are: We renounce artificial human ideologies and instead we orientate everything on the absolute, – the divine virtues of wisdom, omniscience, all-embracing love, eternal life, omnipotence and cosmic consciousness and in second on the highest human virtues which have been honored throughout the human history. This simple and clear orientation is an aspect of the universal teachings which emit directly from the divine source and underlies all relative human teachings in all religions and spiritual traditions.

This simple system represents the natural-divine order of creation and is easy to follow. It is only a question of maturity and initiation to choose the right path and to make the right decisions. It is indeed a question of your own capacities of thinking and feeling. Everyone can ask himself, if something is wise, if it corresponds with love, if all necessary information is available to guarantee success, if all principles are respected, etc. The differentiation between light and darkness provides clarity to make the best choices. Ideologies and selfishness can be uncovered easily. Decisions have to be comprehendable.

On this basis people and projects can be supported for the benefit of all. On this basis we can support the intercultural, interreligious exchange of thoughts, feelings and opinions. Real communication can take place. We can meet each other from all parts of the world with respect, with appreciation, with love and understanding. We can be one family.

Besides the chance to initiate projects and to meet like-minded people in an international frame, everyone has the chance to enhance his understanding of God, creation and the human nature. Everyone can enhance his individual religion, spiritual tradition or training with useful parts of the universal teachings. We all can compensate what we have missed so far. We can become complete. We can develop ourselves in best way according to the universal laws. We can release what hinders us. We can heal from misunderstandings, lies and half-truths. Indeed we all have the chance to blossom in all aspects of our personalities. This all at free choice with full respect to the individual needs and wishes.

It is foreseen that SURA-ITF will grow to a really big movement, setting a lot of good seeds in all countries worldwide for the benefit of mankind and creation.

I hope you become a part of us! We need you!


In love, light and service,

Ray del Sole

Founder of SURA-ITF


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More information about SURA-ITF are available on our websites, in the Sura Statutes and the “Sura Basics”, a collection of explaining articles.