Working on the divine level

As you know you can work on all levels, planes of creation in yourself and outwards. The different planes and spheres are represented by the amount of main chakras in your microcosm, – the energy centers with their own intelligence, their own qualities and powers.

You can also work with your normal state of consciousness or in a form of trance with your subconsciousness. All aspects of consciousness and intelligence root in the primordial intelligence, the divine being, – your divine being.

Imagine a pyramid. The top is your normal consciousness, two third are your subconsciousness and all is based on the primordial intelligence of Akasha. In different words, – Akasha intelligence manifests in all different forms of intelligence and consciousness as a human being and as other beings certainly. This primordial intelligence and power is divine and the center power of the four elements which appear as creation and creatures. On the level of Akasha many things are possible which are not possible on the normal consciousness level. Already on the level of subconsciousness many more things are possible. The normal consciousness is quite limited in everything. And from subconsciousness to Akasha it is only a small step.

So normally you use the level of subconsciousness for autohypnosis and autosuggestion to manifest your wishes. But indeed you can go deeper into the Akasha level to work here with your own divine being.

For autohypnosis I have developed a special technique (besides several others) where you imagine yourself in the center of your subconsciousness sphere. There you can do your work by setting causes for wished for effects (autohypnosis & autosuggestion). It is certainly a form of trance. Your physical body is relaxed and you are mentally not in the physical world.

The same thing you can do to work with your divine being. Just go deeper in your trance to the Akasha level of your existence. Imagine yourself in the center of your own divine being. It is your personal state of Akasha, the root state of your existence. It is divine. And it is different to the state of cosmic consciousness or normal unity with God. You will experience the difference.

Now you can “talk” with your divine being as it is a form of intelligence. Here it is the same with talking to your subconsciousness or the consciousness of your chakras. You can talk or you can set directly new seeds of karma to realize your wishes. You can understand it as a very personal prayer to your own divine being. This is very beautiful and something holy. It is up to you how you do it. Indeed you are mentally in your own source, you speak with your own source or you set new seeds in your own source. I personally love the conversation, the prayer.

It might sounds strange to talk with forms of consciousness and intelligence in your microcosm but it is something real. We are composed beings, – composed from all levels of intelligence, qualities and powers. And in fact your subconsciousness is doing things you are not aware of (just as an example). For these reasons the spiritual seekers has to restore his mental/spiritual sovereignty in his microcosm as this is not always given. Often people are ruled by other aspects of their personality.

So this method is an interesting form for personal prayers, for working inside of your microcosm and for realizing your wishes. It is very special and beautiful.