Unforgiven – the pitilessness of fate

The law of karma works perfectly like a mathematical formula. Once the factors are set, the result is set too. There is no escape, no praying, no mercy, – nothing can be done to change the results. This is valid for both, the positive principle and the negative principle. Take positive factors and you must get a positive results. Take negative ones and you must get a negative results.

Karma, the law of the analogy of cause and effects is the basis of the whole creation on all planes and for all beings.

When we have a very big formula with many factors which cause a big result then we speak of fate. Fate is in fact the accumulation of karma. If you accumulate good karma then you must have a good fate. If you accumulate bad karma then you must have a bad fate. No mercy. No escape. Just mathematics. Just physics. Metaphysics.

Very interesting to observe are human beings and their strategies to cope with karma and fate. I want to illustrate this with an example:

Imagine someone sitting in a car driving too fast on a highway. For the moment everything seems to be okay. As he enjoys driving very fast, he speeds up. From distance he sees a sign which says that there is a construction site two kilometers ahead and that the cars should slow down. But the driver doesn´t care. The highway seems to be free, so no problems should occur. Then a second sign appears with a further warning. But the driver still does not care. Then the highway takes a curve and behind this curve a traffic jam is waiting. The driver hasn´t reckoned with this. He is much too fast and he sees that it can be hard to slow down early enough. But he keeps his speed and takes the fast lane with the idea to save time although the site is getting nearer and nearer. His speed is still high and he notices that he won´t be able to slow down early enough. He starts to honk, to use the flashers, to scream waving with his hands and cursing the other drivers in front of him. His face is red and he shouts “Why are only idiots on the street? Who gave them their driving licenses? Who is responsible for this f.. site?” And then he crashes into the car in front of him. The End.  Leaving his physical body he meets his spiritual guide and complains directly “Why did no angel came in time to rescue me? Why hasn´t God dissolved this f… traffic jam? Why did no one warn me?…”

So this is typical human behavior. Humans are masters in complaining and blaming others for their own mistakes. It is a so-called infantile coping strategy which never works. When fate reaches a point of no return then nothing helps to escape or to better the situation. When you are short before a crash then no one is able to rescue you, no prayers will help and no call on divine mercy. The crash is the result of the factors you set by your behavior. It is all mathematics.

But when you are receptive to see and understand the signs, the warnings, then you can correct your behavior and your fate. It is the art of listening, of understanding the signs which you are shown. And the nearer the crash comes the louder and bigger are the sign of warning. But most people do not want to see and they do not want to listen and so they must go into the abyss.

It is good to understand how karma and fate work. In most cases you have the choice to behave in a positive way without getting harmed. But as soon as all factors in your life formula are set you can´t escape the laws, the divine justice, your karma and fate. Then you can only do your best to bear it with the insight for your own responsibility.

Today many people suffer because of their bad behavior in former incarnations, in their past and they cannot escape easily, they have to bear it, to balance and compensate it until they are free.

Karma can be very merciless. On the one hand we enjoy it when we receive the good fruits and on the other hand we suffer endlessly when we have to reap the bad fruits.

As a consolation – all beings are treated in the same way without exception and one day everyone has compensated his bad karma although it may take years and decades. And certainly everyone can work for good fruits, for his life and also for compensation of bad karma.