A few words about the evil in the world

The destructive, negative or so-called evil is in its purest form just a principle of creation, – the opposite of the constructive, positive principle or so-called good. Creation is based on polarity. Without polarity no creation.  When the mental principles appear in a human form then they show their well-known facets. Altruism, mercy, love, compassion versus selfishness, hate, aggression and intolerance, – for example.

We human beings have the choice how we want to behave, – in a positive, good way or in a negative, evil way. It is interesting to observe how we deal with this choice. In fact we are often not aware that there is a choice at all. The human logic works in a different way. Let´s take an example. Imagine you are a big fishing company and you know that overfishing is very bad with long term problems but according to your human logic you think “If I do not use my chance to get as much fish as possible without any ethic limitations someone else will do so. Due to this I “have” to exploit the fish stocks to maximum degree.”  This is human logic and you know where it leads to. There is no one today who says “Oh, I take just as much fish as I need for food or to sell on the market to sustain my life. So my fellow beings will have enough to eat and to live too.”

As you see and experience daily, human logic is quite dangerous and drives to the abyss. We must become aware again that we have the choice between good and bad, that we are not slaves of the evil principle and that we do not need to follow it.

One of my favorite sayings is “Eat shit! Millions of flies can´t go wrong!” This means people have a strong tendency to follow the masses, the majority without thinking, without questioning if the direction is right. This is really unhealthy. This is unhealthy for all aspects of life, – political, economic, social, religious, etc. We take away our right to make own decisions, to bear own responsibility, to manifest our own wished for future.

God has gifted human beings with a free will so that everyone can behave good or bad and can make positive and negative experiences. This is a God-given right and has to be respected. But (!) no one says that we have to bear and tolerate evil behavior which causes suffering and great damages. In fact we are called to show this evil person his limits and we have to care for justice and compensation. Justice and balance are divine principles which have to be regarded and which control good and evil.

When we wish for a good life in balance, abundance and happiness then we have to make the choice for the positive principle and the principle of justice. We have to vote against the negative principle. We have to vote against stupid selfishness, short term profit and the distorted understanding of how creation works.

We have to serve the light to unarm the darkness.

False tolerance brings us nearer to the abyss. Blind following of the evil elite does not release us from responsibility. And in the end the abyss is waiting for all of us. Evil is luxury which makes us pay an enormous price.

Think about it.