Omnipotence without humbleness

What is the worst thing a religion can do? Very simply and absolutely evil: To proclaim omnipotence without the humbleness to bear it. When a religion acts in this way, the followers will cause an immense amount of suffering, evil, destruction, hate and often war. This ends automatically in humbleness when destruction has reached its climax.

Omnipotence is one, the highest number and humbleness is ten, the reflection of one. Both are in a relationship of polarity. A being or institution/religion cannot bear omnipotence without humbleness. Humbleness is the vessel of omnipotence.

What happens when a religion proclaims omnipotence? Omnipotence is something of absolute nature without a second. This means the religion perceives itself as omnipotent, as the one and only religion without another. And this means that no other religion has the right to exist, respectively that followers of other religions have no value, no rights and in best case have to be missionized. This is the wrong understanding of omnipotence. Indeed it is a big ego which does not tolerate others.

What happens when a religion deals in the right way with omnipotence? Only good things, as the omnipotence is balanced by humbleness, love and service. Such a religion knows that God unveils in all spiritual traditions, all religions and cultures. So the followers of this religion show respect and appreciation towards the followers of other religions and no one has the idea to missionize anyone.

The three youngest religions have suffered and in parts still suffer from their unbalanced, unholy self-perception as the one and only true religion without a second. And thanks to them people worldwide have to suffer.

God in his divine wisdom has foreseen for every religion a certain lifespan which orientates on how balanced, how perfect a religion reflects the universal teachings. Those which are full of misunderstandings, misuse and imbalances will come to their end while others which are refined and holistic will survive and blossom.

Have you asked yourself where the differences are between the Western religions and the Eastern ones? It is useful to think about this and to draw the right consequences.