Coping with evil people today

Somehow you can assume that we live in a period of time where evil people leave their hideouts to gather in masses. It reminds me of insects, of oodles of flies which dominate your view and seem to darken the daylight. The evil appears like the pest carrying illness and misery with it. The evil covers all main positions in politics, economics, in society and in fact in all parts of human life. The diabolical character of so many people has become obvious with their statements, their behavior and actions. In former times they have hidden their true nature but today they are proud and show their ideals.

And we, the normal people and the good souls have to cope with them every day. We have to see their smiling faces on TV. We have to hear their satanic arguments. We have to witness the evil they are doing. We have to bear the consequences of their evil behavior. And it seems that there is nothing we could do to stop them. The evil rules on earth. The evil has gathered power, money and influence throughout the centuries. The evil has occupied all main positions in society. The evil controls all main institutions. And the evil proclaims to be good, serving only the best intentions for everyone.

The most important thing is certainly that more and more people wake up and understand what is going on to protest against evil machination and to restore justice and order on earth.

On a lower level you can think about the following interventions:

  1. You can pray to the judges of Saturn for divine justice, punishment and compensation regarding single evil persons or whole groups of evil people. Just imagine that they are in front of you listening to your complaints. Your intention will guide your prayers to them automatically. Leave all details of punishment to the divine justice. But you can ask for a quick in time punishment and compensation.
  2. You can influence, indeed charge an evil person with all-permeating dark-violet Akasha light and if you like with a feeling of density/heaviness. The energy corresponds with the sphere of the Saturn, with judgment and with Akasha and its quality of total balance. Evil people are in deep imbalances and so charging with the energy will work like putting water into fire. Imbalance and evilness can´t be sustained when they are confronted with total harmony. The density/heaviness corresponds with the earth element and strengthens the effects. But it is not a must. You can use this technique for normal bad people. For really evil people with power you should use the prayer to keep you safe.
  3. If you dare then you can use this technique: Charge yourself with Akasha so that you become invisible on the higher planes and then charge the evil person with the all-permeating dark-violet Akasha light and the idea of instant justice and divine punishment. Then delete your traces by cutting all energetic connections to the evil person on mental and astral plane. I say “dare” here as powerful evil people can have dark beings which support them. So it can be a risk to influence them. The prayer to the judges of Saturn is safe as you leave everything up to their divine justice.
  4. This is something nice: You can ask also for nightmares which show the evil people what is going to happen when they do not return to lawful behavior. The Saturn sphere provides great nightmares.

In general we need more justice and more order down here on earth to prevent mankind from the abyss. We need especially divine justice and divine order as human justice and understanding are too limited.

If there is someone who bothers you with his evil behavior then gift him with divine justice and compensation (of his evil actions). Also call for justice on the political, economic and religious level. There is so much selfish misuse today. It is high time to stop them.

By the way – you can use Akasha also for yourself as it means for good souls healing.

Let´s work all for more justice and the restoring of the natural-divine order on earth!