The Dawn of a New Day

Every dawn of a new day includes magic, – fascinating beautiful moments, new expectations, new aims and the fresh energy to realize them.

In fact I am grateful and happy to write this article and to share it with my spiritual fellows worldwide.

The end of the night is close, closer than many of us have thought and the new morning with the rising sun is already waiting.

When we observe the processes in nature we can see higher principles at work. For example we can examine the dynamic principle of polarity which ideally shows up in form of a sinus curve. So things rise to a certain peak and then they fall to a certain point until they rise again. It is the up and down of nature, the change of day and night, sun and moon, the rhythm of tides, etc.

Another point is that everything in creation is relative and not absolute. For example it is hot or very hot today and on another day it is cold or very cold but even if it is really cold it is still a relative quantity and not the absolute coldest day or hottest day as this is always depending on the time frame.

Something similar is true for populations in nature. So normally a population of grasshoppers has a certain quantity which is changing dependent on the available food and on the enemies of the grasshoppers. It is possible that the quantity decreases a lot because of bad life conditions while in other times it increases a lot but it will never become absolute. It is not possible that the grasshoppers increase in quantity to 100% of all beings in a place. So we have regulating factors in nature which keep quantities on a healthy level, certainly with changes up and down. It is an aspect of the self-regulating system of nature and an aspect of the principle of diversity which does not allow one species to reach 100%.

And these things are also true for the rise and fall of the evil. We have here a similar dynamic. There are times where the evil grows and when it is too much, the evil is fought back and reduces. And throughout all these periods, cycles of growing and decreasing there are special times where the evil grows to reach nearly 100%, to rule unchallenged but this is against the principles of nature.

We experience at the moment the attempt, the last attempt to reach these 100% of total domination by the dark ones. We experience so much artificial chaos, war, terrorism that we can say that the dark side tries everything to make it. Thanks to the long period of rising darkness which we all experience over decades and centuries, more and more people worldwide are really fed up with the dark rulers and more and more awake from their dreamy life as slaves. So from this aspect the situation is going to reach the peak where something will and must happen. And there are also at least two other aspects which force the situation to the peak and with this to real and comprehensive changes. One is the rise of the robots with their high artificial intelligence replacing human workers in an unimaginable extent which calls for major changes of the economical and social system. And the third aspect has been hidden over thousands of years, only mentioned in rare teachings of certain spiritual traditions.

So far I want to sum up that according to principles of nature processes of growing are limited and that if something is growing to a high above-average level, the opposite pole rises too and will regulate it. We are experiencing such a special time where the evil tries at all costs to gain total control.

The hidden third aspect is a force which is superior to the dark side. This force is waiting for the moment where the dark side is close to the overcoming of a critical level – indeed the development of an outstanding powerful weapon of mass destruction. If such a weapon was realized, not other weapons would have any effect and this would mean total power (and much destruction + slavery and so on).

In the coming months, in the next few years, the dark side will reach this stage of development where this superior weapon of mass destruction will be ready. And in these few years the robots with their superior artificial intelligence will be ready too. And in these few years the people worldwide will be ready for deep changes.

The peak is ahead and everyone prepares for the major change.

We can expect a lot of chaos, much trouble, probably also further fights, war, civil war and whatever happening around this peak time. But we can also expect that this special hidden force will unveil in the right time for the total annihilation of the ruling evil and their weapons. The servants of the dark rulers and all their puppets in society will be drawn to justice for a comprehensive punishment.

This is already wonderful and will be great to witness but that is not all. When these things take place massive revelations will take place too. The hidden force will reveal its nature and with this a lot of hidden knowledge about mankind, the evil, about the history of mankind and about religions will be revealed too. And this will cause massive changes in the thinking and believing of people worldwide. All the false prophets will lose their power and truth, wisdom and justice will be restored.

Indeed this will be a comprehensive cleaning and healing process for mankind which will welcome the dawn of a new age, a spiritual and peaceful age in the sign of knowledge and wisdom.

So a challenging time is ahead but it will be a time which brings the liberty and light we are looking forward so long already.

May the light will be with us!

May the light work in us!

May the light work through us!

May we all bring light into our world!