Imagine you are a devil…

Imagine that you are a devil in the shape of a human being. So you have no horns, you do not smell like hell but you are smart, looking good, etc. Besides the attractive appearance you have some “not so really nice” characteristics. You have a very big ego. You love to manipulate other people for your benefit, without any compassion. You are something like a psychopath or sociopath. You do not care about anything but yourself. You love to be worshiped and admired like a superstar, a god. You think that other people only exist so that you can use them, make fun of them, cheat and manipulate them. Life is meant to entertain you and only you. If others suffer it is their own mistake, not yours. If creation suffers it is not your problem. Everywhere you try to make people follow your will and support your interests and if they do not want to they receive a kind of punishment. You cause misery, aggression, hate, war wherever you can to reap the fruits. You sell things which are useless, bad and unhealthy but you benefit and so it is good. You behave completely irresponsible but it doesn´t matter. No one loves you. Indeed you are the most hated person worldwide. In fact you are a real a..hole and you enjoy it.

In fact you cannot understand where the problem is, why people hate you. For you everything is normal and good. You are a devil and you behave like a devil. So you do only good things according to your nature. And indeed you feel that the other people are a..holes as they complain about your “nice” behavior. You think that they should orientate themselves on you, to learn from you instead of complaining. So all these normal people, these “good guys” are the real devils for you. They are as stupid and annoying as flies in a toilet. So in fact you are doing a good job with punishing them, with controlling and manipulating them. They deserve it! Indeed you are too kind and should torture them more.

In conclusion when you are and evil guy then you think and feel that this is good and normal, and that all others are somehow strange and maybe evil. It is all a matter of perspective.

The wonderful point is that people do not really become aware when they change from good to evil as their intellect always find justification for evil behavior. “Oh we had to do this. We didn´t want to for sure but the situation had forced us!” And one day the normal or good soul has become a devil without realizing it. And often it is not only one devil but a whole family, a whole society, a whole country which is torturing and manipulating other societies and countries. And then they wonder why others start to hate them.

It is a very interesting phenomenon of psychology. While you are the devil – objectively seen, you think that the others are devils or stupid or insane because they are not like you and they do not want to be your slaves and victims. If certain persons or people take a look into the mirror of truth they would be really astonished and would be scared about their evil nature. I know a lot of “good” persons and “good” countries, etc. who really need such a mirror. Their karma is worse than any idea of hell ever could be.

Poor devil in the end.

And by the way – have you ever taken a look into the mirror of truth to see you real nature?