The small problem with duality

The whole creation is based on duality as it is the primordial polarity which gave birth to creation. Beyond creation there is unity and unity has to separate itself into two poles to give birth to countless children, countless numbers which all go back to the number two, the two poles, plus and minus or father and mother, yin and yang or fire and water. The two poles of duality or polarity appear in countless ways in creation. One aspect is the duality of the creative pole and the destructive pole. Indeed you can say that everything in creation can be used for creative, positive, life supporting purposes but also for the opposite, for destructive, death bringing purposes. Itself it is not a problem but it is a problem for human beings as they have to learn how to use things, how to get into control of these two poles. And human beings behave quite often like young children. Instead of thinking about the proper use of something they just play with it and learn by coincidence that their “toy” can hurt or bring pleasure. And unfortunately humans have this tendency to misuse things for some kind of questionable short “fun” and long terms of suffering. Life and creation are indeed Janus-faced and permanently we are asked to make decisions for one side or the other.

You can use money for the benefit of all or for your own pleasure.

You can use a knife to cut bread or to kill someone.

You can build robots to help or to destroy.

Artificial Intelligence can serve mankind or control it.

We can use life to create happiness and to support our spiritual development or we can use it in a self-destructive way.

The question might be why we choose to 99% the path of self-destruction? Why is the dark side so powerful? Why does it seems to be more fun to kill than to give life? What makes us long for doom? Because then a better world comes?

Somehow we humans are conditioned to darkness. Crime, war, misuse, being evil, being a bad guy, being selfish, cheating, destruction – all these things seem to be good. While the really good things have completely vanished from our mind.

The real decision has to be made in the near future. And this will be not a decision about religion or belief or a World War or whatever. This decision will be forced by our technological progress. In a few years, maybe already in one year, the artificial intelligence and the robots as carrier of it will replace in unbelievable amounts normal workers, also employees in offices. In fact robots will do the work of humans. And when countless people have no jobs any longer and no income from their jobs, then something has to happen. Then society has to decide for light or darkness.

The decision for light will bring abundance and happiness for everyone as everyone enjoys much more spare time while the robots care for all needs, all the work. Then people have time for studies, for visiting other countries, for learning new things, for developing themselves in arts, in sciences, in spiritual aspects, etc. People will have an incredible chance for personal development.

But if the decision is made for the dark side, then people without jobs will suffer from hunger, will do real slavery work for survival, will be killed by government respectively by diseases, civil war, etc. In the end only a very small number of people will survive, the kings of the material realms and their needed servants.

I think it is high time to become aware of making decisions, of making the right decision before it is too late.