Drawing the balance

Imagine that the day has come which you have never thought about. It is time to leave this world. Time to die. And you are now in this process of separating yourself from your physical body. It is a moment of great clarity, of deep insights and probably you draw some kind of conclusion from your experiences in this incarnation. Often it is an idea what you never ever want to experience again, what you want to do better, what you are missing and so on. These ideas in your mind in the moment of death will be the driving force of your next incarnation but you are not aware of this. After a while you have left your physical home, your body and you feel a great relief, you feel so light as all the heavy weights fell off from you, the heaviness of the material world with all its problems and duties, with all the suffering falls off from you as you are now feeling yourself as the soul you are and have been already during your incarnation. Maybe you are sad to leave everything behind but the feelings to come home into the astral realms are more powerful and the light is drawing you to where you belong. Maybe you have noticed already your spiritual guide whom you know very well as you remember now and probably there are already dear friends, other souls welcoming you. It feels like starting holidays. And this is a good feeling. Holidays! Long holidays after so many challenges and maybe suffering! You are so happy to see all these dear friends again, all these souls which are so familiar to you, accompanying you already over so many incarnations. You have met them so often in a diversity of roles and appearances in all these incarnations, in all these different ages and cultures but now you are back in the astral realms and everything is good.

But certainly your stay is not all about holidays and meeting beloved friends. It is also about healing yourself from the suffering in the material world and about drawing the balance of this incarnation as a basis to go on with planning the next stay on earth. Life goes on as you know. So one day you have a meeting with your spiritual guide who has a deep understanding of your personality and who knows all details about your former incarnation. So you are going through all situations in this life and you both discuss what went in a good way and what was bad or could have been done better.

Imagine this, you are watching every situation in your former life again and examining your own behavior from a higher enlightened state of consciousness. There is no space for apologizes, only truth is accepted, the naked truth. You are judging yourself and your spiritual guide supports you. Now you know what is right and wrong and you see exactly how you behaved and what was indeed possible. You have a deep comprehensive understanding of your mistakes, of your bad behavior but certainly also about what you have done in a good way, where you have passed tests and challenges successfully. So indeed you draw the balance and from the results the new seeds of karma are set, the new objectives, the new lessons to learn in the next incarnation. And quite often you work on one problem over several incarnations.

Ask yourself how your balance will look like when you leave this world? Can you say that you have done your best to maintain a positive conscience? Can you say that people appreciated you? That they loved you? That you have done something good and lasting for society? Have you been an example for others? Were you a positive inspiration for other people? A light in the darkness?

And if you haven´t been this so far, you maybe think about to become a positive example in this world. Maybe you think about making peace, about forgiving yourself and others, about solving problem instead of ignoring them – otherwise the challenges will continue and grow in the next incarnation.

Be wise!