The game of the good, the evil and the ignorant masses

I could have chosen also different terms instead of good, evil and ignorant. For example “The game of the Suras, the Asuras and the ignorant masses”. Or instead of ignorant the “dull” masses. Or “The game of the servants/beings of light, the servants of darkness/ the apostatized ones/ the kings of the material world and the dull/ conditioned/ slaves/ ignorant kept masses.

It is an old game with clear role allocation for all participants. This game changes only corresponding with the change of macrocosmic periods, the change of the ages. Besides these major cycles it stays the same.

Let´s start with the frame. The frame for this game is creation. Simplified said we have a sphere of the divine spirit, divine light, the origin of life, of power and virtues in perfection. Then we have lower planes of existence which can be imagined in a grey tone scale starting with white down to black. White represents the divine sphere and black the darkness of ignorance of the material world, also the lowest frequency, vibration in creation. So we have two poles, the highest one is the divine spirit and the lowest one is the material world. The material world is on greatest distance to the divine sphere due to the great differences in vibration and with this in quality and power.

The human souls are somehow travelers between these poles. According to their state of refinement they belong to the highest, higher, middle, lower, lowest spheres or realms or planes. This is natural and all souls are undergoing this evolution where they come from the highest pole to go down through all planes to experience the lowest pole and then to climb back the ladder up to the divine spirit again. The great meeting point for all souls is the material world independent from their maturity while on all other planes of existence the souls are separated according to their refinement. So the material world mirrors somehow the whole creation as we find here all souls with the different degrees of maturity. Therefore it is called the Kingdom.

Corresponding with the idea of spiritual evolution the material world is called school or kindergarten for the education of souls. Only here we can make own experiences without the direct enlightenment of the divine spirit, so that we are able to grow in best way. Good experiences teach us to cultivate positive behavior and negative experiences teach us to stop destructive behavior as it makes us suffer. So we are pushed by our own experiences to refinement and higher states of balance.

The majority of people or souls who are incarnated on earth are the immature souls, the pupils or students who are here to learn, to make countless experiences to cultivate their personalities. Although this is natural and all right it is also the main and worst problem. Imagine a kindergarten or a school with a lot of children. The children are not mature enough to act in a responsible way but in fact they need guidance and a frame of rules. And now imagine that there are a few adults who take care of the children. Some of these adults have a positive, caring, loving attitude and some have a negative, destructive, exploitative, dark attitude. The problem is that the children are not really able to differentiate between them especially as the evil adults pretend to be good ones, with the only aim to take care of the young ones. The evil has put on the friendly, nice mask. The attitude of the evil adults is to perceive the children as something bothering which is only good if it harnessed for useful purposes. So the children are ignorant. They can be cheated easily and they can be used to work for the adults. In this way the evil adults can feel as kings in the kindergarten or school, living in wealth and having fun. The children get enough brainwashing and are kept as slaves. A wonderful world of illusions is prepared for them, so that they keep dreaming in their rotating hamster wheel.

Unfortunately the material world supports the evil adults as it seems that the higher worlds of freedom, love and light do not exist. It seems also that the divine spirit or God does not exist. So the children have to believe the adults and their teachings. It is much easier to believe the evil adults than the good ones as only the material world is directly perceivable. So the evil ones are in power and control to major degrees corresponding with the perceived and felt separation from the higher planes of existence and God. And certainly it is easy to keep the ignorant children in their belief, to keep the whole system of illusion working. This system includes to banishment or punishment of the good adults when they start to teach about the real nature of creation. The evil adults neglect officially these teachings or proclaim that the good adults suffer from mental disorders or are idealists, etc. So the good ones have to hide in most cases.

Let´s switch back from this metaphorical idea of a kindergarten or school to reality. So we have the ignorant more or less young souls as a majority and a very few people who are old souls and who know about the real nature of the human being, God and creation. These few people split into those who do not care about spiritual evolution or God, who do not want to return to the spheres of light, who do not want to unite with the divine spirit but who prefer to be “illuminated” and reigning as kings in the material world in material abundance and happiness. Those are the Asuras, the demigods, the “gods of the material world”. And these gods or kings on earth need others to work for them, to produce wealth, to serve them. It is a parasitic life style which is based on the maintenance of a system of slavery, ignorance and illusion. In such a system there is only space for a very few real kings, some higher, better paid slaves and great masses of simple workers with overseers or bosses.

The term Asura comes from India as well as the term Sura. The Indian teachings and narrations describe these things perfectly and show that it is something which is taking place as long as mankind remembers.

As we see the Asuras are not directly “evil” but they have chosen to stay on greatest distance to God and to cultivate their egos instead of uniting with the divine spirit. They prefer the material illumination: “You are a (demi-)god. You can do whatever you like. You can exploit and manipulate others for your benefit (as long as they are kept in ignorance).” With this attitude, vision or desire, the necessity of slavery comes along to maintain the parasitic life style. The Asuras are somehow liberated from any conscience and so they follow the claim “The end justifies the means.” This is sociopathic, psychopathic, ill, dangerous, destructive and indeed evil. On the other hand they certainly want to enjoy a nice kingdom on earth with good air, intact nature, some kind of paradise. For this reason they work on getting rid of the majority of population. So this is an interesting phenomenon, – the mixture of “we want it nice/ paradise” and “we have no scruples to kill/ manipulate people or to do whatever is needed to reach our aims”. In conclusion you see that the objectives are quite simple, also the methods to accomplish them. And certainly those Asuras are the richest people on earth, those who are in total control, the masters of puppets. And certainly they are everywhere in all institutions, even in those where normal people think that they are good.

Let´s turn now to the Suras. These are mature, old souls which are servants and beings of the divine light, those who have accomplished the unity with the divine spirit, those who have realized the divine virtues in themselves. These souls certainly know what is going on on earth. Now a normal person could say, okay why do not these enlightened ones simply punish the Asuras for the evil they are doing? Certainly they could do so but the effects were not lasting. The material world offers conditions where the evil grows again permanently. (A major punishment happens only rarely when the dark ones misbehave too much.) So this cannot be the key. In fact the Suras are working in a different way. From time to time they unveil divine teachings to mankind where movements are created and new religions can be the result. Unfortunately quite often these movements are soon infiltrated by dark ones and misused to gain power and control. Then Suras come from time to time to push the progress of mankind in sciences, in philosophy and art. And the main work of the Suras is to contact the mature souls who are ready to receive higher knowledge, training and initiation. This is what Jesus meant with reaping the grapes. You can only harvest the good fruits, the ripe ones. The overall-attitude of the Suras is accept the the pressure of the Asuras on the younger souls supporting their growing process corresponding with the conditions of the material world, etc. So on the one hand there are the Asuras who push the young souls in their development in a negative way and on the other hand there are the Suras who unveil the divine teachings, drawing the young souls into the right direction, into the light in a positive way. Here we see the principle of polarity at work. “Good and bad” support the spiritual evolution. Unfortunately only the good principle does not work but fortunately only the negative principle does not work either. Both poles are necessary. Regarding this wisdom you find sayings like “through the night to the light” which express that we all have to go through these conditions of pressure, darkness and ignorance before we are able to liberate ourselves and to take part in the divine light, knowledge and freedom.

I hope I was able to explain the game of the Suras, Asuras and normal human beings. In total it follows a higher sense and the roles are well defined. All serves the spiritual evolution of mankind.

And if you like you can join me and like-minded spiritual people in my group on facebook “Friends of Sura – The International Theistic Federation”. This is certainly only an offer for those who are dedicated to the divine spirit, divine love and light.

PS: In this context I want to say also that it is often quite painful for the servants of light and all followers to have to cope with the ignorant, brainwashed, conditioned masses. In worst case you will be burned like a witch even from your closest family and friends and this although you are a fine soul with highest ideals and values. So indeed while the material world is a place to play king and to enjoy wealth as an Asura, for the Suras this world is often a sacrifice like descending into hell and this from heaven. Normal people are not able to realize all the darkness, the dullness, the raw mental and emotional energies, so they do not consciously suffer but an enlightened soul perceives everything and this can be hard to bear.