Releasing mental cramps

When you examine yourself, you probably think that everything is normal or fine. When you do the same in your holidays, somewhere far away from your everyday duties then you feel normal or fine too. Nevertheless, there is a big difference between “normal” under stress and “normal” without stress. The point is that we are not aware how cramped we really are and this every day. We are mentally cramped and cramped in our feelings and cramped in our behavior, simply for the reason that we need to play a role, that we need to meet the expectations of society, of the company, of our family, etc. Today it is very hard to be authentic, to be yourself.

Playing a role and meeting expectations makes us cramped and it takes a lot of energy and it does not make us happy.

Being authentic releases all cramps, all the artificial tension and offers a natural and vital flow of energies, of thoughts, feelings and behavior. The authentic state is the natural state. All beings, all animals are authentic. They do not need to play any role and they do not need to meet any expectations. Only humans are conditioned this way.

Important is to understand these things and to allow yourself to be more authentic in life. This will have liberating and healing effects on you.

Once you have entered successfully the authentic state, you will see how cramped you have been all the time before. Release the artificial tension, be relaxed and be yourself! And then you are ready to enjoy life. The state of relaxation is also a key for success. You relax in your center, well-balanced and from there you take action. It is the secret of God, of Akasha, of the Akasha point, of harmony.

When you are cramped, your life is cramped, your relationships are cramped. Cramped is cramped and no fun.