Spiritual facades

Imagine you are in India at a river and you see two persons sitting in an asana, obviously meditating. Both look like Yogis, with traditional cloths and typical face paintings. You see them, and you think that they look quite impressive. Probably both are Yogis from childhood on and maybe already enlightened masters.

In fact, only one is a true Yogi while the other one is only pretending to be a Yogi. He makes money with photos for tourists.

The conclusion is that we need to differentiate between the outer façade, the surface, the appearance and the real nature, the core.

Indeed, people can take more or less easily the role of a Yogi, Guru, Swami or whatever by showing the same cloths, the same behavior and doing the same things, saying similar words of wisdom, etc.

On the other hand, an enlightened master can look quite normal, behave normal, dress normal, etc.

So, it seems to be not easy to differentiate a master from an actor. Only by using the higher senses, you can directly see who is who.

Now the point is that all these outer features and even the behavior does not bring any progress or transformation and no enlightenment at all. Today, we have a lot of people who try very hard to behave in a superior way – like a master or guru – but it is only the surface. Their real nature and their guru-like behavior are not congruent. And this imbalance causes real problems. For example, it is a spiritual-esoteric trend – en vogue – to say that you love everyone. But in fact, you do not love everyone. Or you pretend to be vegan although you love eating meat. There are countless examples and even more people who pretend a lot of things which they are not in any way. Maybe the reason is a weak self-confidence or the wish to be great. However, it might be, it causes only real problems and it is blocking real progress.

The point here is quite simple, – release the stress to behave like a guru, holy person or master. Be yourself. By undergoing the spiritual training, you undergo automatically changes in your nature which causes changes in your behavior. And then, one day, it will be natural for you to keep your inner peace, to wish other people only the best, to neglect unhealthy food, etc. Things must feel natural for you. And you feel only good when you are authentic.

People today suffer already enough from stress. It is wise to reduce stress and to understand your own needs, to be simply who you are.