Unhealthy misconceptions

In main these are the old topics concerning reality and ego. Ignorance is a natural quality of humans but when authors, so-called experts and enlightened masters spread unhealthy misconceptions in public then it is not nice and not beneficial for their readers and followers. On the other hand, it is fascinating to examine how such misconceptions are still alive and supported by those where you expect higher intelligence and wisdom. Unfortunately, we still can see in the traditional schools the “parrot principle” where dogmas are not questioned but simply repeated by the latest teachers.

Usually we can see shortcomings on the intellectual level and this means that concepts are not well thought out. Secondary, we can see a big problem in not using precise language. Terms are also often not well defined. And in texts or in lectures and in especially in sayings, things are too simplified. It is also “funny” that people do not reflect on their ways how they approach a problem. They do not come to the conclusion that their approach might be wrong or insufficient. This is like examining a car, trying to move it by pushing it and then coming to the enlightened conclusion that it cannot be moved. And then you spread this news among your followers as great truth. Additionally, your personal students accept this dogma and never try on their own to make different experiences with the car. As an external observer you think that something must have gone wrong and how this can really happen.

A typical example is the spiritual search for reality. The seeker is busy with meditating about reality. He examines life and the world and becomes aware that nothing lasts forever. All creatures are subdued to the cycle of birth and death. Even nature is changing. And in combination with his spiritual training, he comes to the conclusion that only the pure space, nothingness is without change and everlasting. So, he comes to the conclusion that nothingness is the only true reality and the whole creation is “magic” (original term) respectively “illusion” (present term). He backs this conclusion with the experience that by using his imagination, he can create whatever he likes too in the mental plane. Now, he is happy and satisfied but does not question in anyway his approach nor his conclusions.

It would be nice to differentiate between absolute reality and relative reality. It would also be nice to examine the meaning of being able to create with imagination. It would be nice to question the relation between pure space and creation and living creatures. It would be nice to ask what nothingness is. And it would be nice to question the sense of nothingness, creation and intelligent beings making experiences. And what is the meaning of illusion? What is the sense in living in a world which is only an illusion, giving space for living illusions called human beings?

Similar it is with the idea that it is good to live without an ego. Here is the first question how ego is defined and then where it comes from, what is its purposes, does it have good sides or is it only evil, do we need to dissolve or kill it and why and so on. And then how is a life without ego? Is it really possible? And so on. Even dealing with the topic ego, the idea of illusion is presented. So, if creation is illusion, if you are an illusion, if your ego is an illusion, why are you so busy with all these things, why do you simply do not care at all about all these things and just enjoy your illusionary life with a maximum of fun?

It is all so absurd.

Or when you think about karma. Who cares for the karma in an illusionary world with illusionary beings where only nothingness is real?

It sounds like comedy. Who cares? Who says that you have to lead a spiritual life style with sacrifices and following higher ethics when all is a simple illusion? Has your “God Nothingness” inspired you to do so?

Or the wonderful idea that duality does not exist, and all is good, even the evil. So, evil is good, and all is good and when all is good, all is evil too, right? When black is white, and white is black, who cares?

Certainly, when you work like this, then life is easier than trying to answer questions and to get a real understanding of the world, we live in.

Such half-baked, immature ideas are as wonderful as the materialistic worldview of what is called “science” today.

In the end, it is a personal question if you see it as entertainment or if you feel sadness about it. I truly hope that the “parrot principle” of repeating dogmas will be replaced one day by wisdom seekers with a sharp mind.

Concepts must be logic in all aspects. Termsmust be defined well. Things must offer real sense. And truth does not ask forstatus. Truth is detached from personality and position. And truth does not askfor followers or for celebration. Ask for truth and you will find it. But answers and truth are not necessarily thesame. And ignorance is often a luxury which no one can really afford but most possess.