The Games

Let´s start with the present situation. You, dear reader, and all other people on earth are conditioned with the present philosophy and world view. This means that you live in a reality which is created by humans. For example, you perceive the physical world and you say “Yes, this is the world (and there is nothing else to see).” Or you read the latest news from science and you say “Yes, science deals with facts and so science is always right.” Or you read on a sign that it is not allowed to walk over the grass in a park and you say “Yes, I cannot walk over the grass.” The list is endless. You go to school. You go to work. You do this and that because it is reality. It is a relative and artificial reality, constructed by people. You behave, think, feel and take action as you are supposed to do.

Now, let´s take a look at animals in nature. They enjoy life without any ideology, without any philosophy, without society, school, science, religion, etc. and – surprise – they are alive, have no problems and take nature as reality in its purest form. Animals are not conditioned. They are free. They perceive creation without any filters of perception.

A major part of the spiritual development is the liberation of the artificial conditioning, the programming and with this, the initiation into pure reality.

Imagine that since childhood you are wearing sun glasses 24 hours per day. And these sun glasses are very dark, so you see nearly no colors, only shades of grey and black. For you it is reality that everything in life is grey. And one day, you take the sun glasses down and for the first time you see the wonderful light, the wonderful diversity of colors. It is magic.

People today are all wearing bad sun glasses which hide the beauty of creation.

Now, let´s imagine that you are not conditioned and pure like a white paper. Let´s imagine that a guide takes you by the hand to show you creation.

At first you both enter a space of nothingness, a space without borders, without objects, like the black night sky. In this black space white light appears and something is happening. You feel that you are somewhere, where time and form does not exist, it is a plane beyond the created world, a plane where creation happens. Your guide explains that you see the great Akasha and the Light which is born from Akasha, which is called Divine Providence and you witness the process of creation. The Divine Light creates out of Akasha the world. The Light creates from nothing everything. How amazing!

Then you make a journey through the spheres, meeting countless gods and goddesses. Your guide explains that the Highest expresses itself in all these deities, that the spheres with the deities can be understood as the mental body of God. All deities have their specific function in the administration of creation. All fields of human life are ruled by the corresponding deities. They oversee the cycles of the development of mankind. They inspire people for new inventions and insights. Again, you feel amazed. So many deities, so many different functions and all so well, so perfectly orchestrated!

In the next step, you visit the mental planes with your guide. You become aware of the diversity of landscapes and human spirits and other beings living there. You understand that life on this level is immortal, that shapes can change easily, that matter does not really exist. All spirits are free to do and to experience whatever they like and they can create whatever they want. Abundance is natural. There is no deficiency. The guide shows you different planes, different mental realms and explains that it is a matter of refinement in which plane you dwell.

Then you visit the astral realms. They are similar to the mental worlds but denser, more material and feelings belong to this plane. You visit the different “heavens” of the various religions and you see souls coming from the material planes to recover, to enjoy life without the heavy burdens of the densest plane of existence, the material world. It is amazing, how much relief and joy these souls show, how happy they are to see their beloved ones and friends. You are astonished how big creation is, of how many worlds it consists. It is all too much to be comprehended by a human mind.

And then your guide visits the realms of the four elements where you see the spirits at work, animating and changing nature, taking care of the animals and beings in the air, the water and the earth, causing fire and heat. How magical and amazing is this world! Life is everywhere. Even the stones are impregnated with qualities by the Gnomes.

At last you make a visit to the world of the incarnated souls. You see how they work and live, how they are busy in the different fields of life, how they follow religious beliefs and how they create their own world view, their understanding of creation and their own nature. And you think by yourself, how little do they know, how limited they are and how beautiful it is to see the great potential which they bear. And you have a vision of the future, where mankind unites as one wonderful family, taking off all the limitations, all the selfish ideas, all stupid preconceptions and celebrating love, joy and understanding.

Finally, you become aware of the sense of all of it, the joy of being alive, of making experiences, of learning to know yourself.

At last, your guide shows you the development of mankind over a whole cycle. It is like sitting in a cinema, watching scenes happening on the big screen together with the intuitive understanding what you see.

You become aware about the cycles of mankind, of the birth, the growing, the flourishing and the doom of one mankind following the other mankind. It reminds you of the cycle of life of a flower. The flower dies in the end but rises again by its seeds.

Watching the cycle of life of mankind, you see that there are things which are very similar, phases which all mankinds need to go through but there are also differences, specific focusses in their developments. And so, in the end each mankind has its individual characteristics. It is also interesting that old souls from the last mankind initiate and support the new mankind.

You also become aware about the polarity of light and darkness which rules during the whole cycle of mankind. There are those who are close to God, the beings of light and those of the opposite force, those which enjoy the world of matter, working on their material kingdom instead of joining the kingdom of heaven. You see that mankind develops itself between these two poles, these two forces. Your guide calls it “The Games” as it is a never-ending competition. While the forces of light bring knowledge, wisdom and initiation, the forces of darkness do their best to imprison people even more in the material world, making them ignore their spiritual heritage and exploiting them as slaves for their artificial material wealth. It is the fight for the souls of mankind. You understand that this is the natural way, that there is no other way. Life is based on the play of polarities. Development is dynamic by nature. Only God is still, the center of everything. The cosmic consciousness and his active Shakti, always busy with creating, with keeping creation alive.

And due to your journey with your guide, you become aware how the kings of the material world always have been busy with disguising the Light, the higher realms and the spiritual truths. You see how they have sabotaged religious and spiritual traditions, how they have invented dead ideologies, how they took the vitality and power of men to keep them dull and weak. You see all the evil which is going on, all the evil conditioning of people starting already in the young age. The artificial materialism, atheism, the perverted religious beliefs, all the suffering and pain of the people, all the useless wars, the destruction of natural principles, the perversion of values and ideals and this all to keep people imprisoned while simulating “freedom” and “rights” and “free choices”. You feel sad, seeing all this.

And you see the agents of light, fighting for enlightenment, fighting for liberty, for the rights of people, bringing new inventions, progress for mankind. You see the hard life of them, having to protect and fight against the dark forces, being persecuted.  And you understand that quite often they are forced to work in secrecy, picking out the mature souls to initiate them in the higher truths, reaping the ripened grapes as only they are able to understand.

The games continue. The cycles of life continue. The players are set up. The chains of lineage are unbroken. And you think for yourself “If people knew these things, they would question everything. They would tear down the mental prison, built by the kings of the world, to discover their divine nature. With this enlightenment, the dark kings would lose their power over mankind immediately. What a wonderful thought!”