Think bigger!

Let´s imagine a spiritual person. This person likes to meditate and maybe doing Yoga on a regular basis. The person has a positive attitude, is kind to all beings, is vegetarian or vegan, helps other people, etc. This is all good and satisfying for the person.

Now, let´s take, for example, Swami Nithyananda. He is a spiritual person, likes to meditate, doing Yoga, is vegan, etc. And he serves countless people every day with free food. And he has an academy for spiritual education. And he offers retreats. And he offers Abishekas and third eye activation. And he makes a lot of videos. And he takes care of countless followers. And he builds spiritual centers worldwide. And so on.

In conclusion, it is nice to be spiritual. But we all need to orientate on those examples who move in big size things in life.

There are several spiritual persons who have achieved already really big things, helping countless people in life and on the spiritual path. This is real service. This is great. This is what we all need to strive for. We need to think big, really big, bigger than the borders of our comfort zone.

And, it is not only about spiritual people but there are also “normal” people with ideals who have already achieved great things like growing whole forests or organizing worldwide reforestation or giving poor people small loans to help them sustaining life or taking care for water supply in dry areas, and so on.

It just takes a vision. This vision will give you all the energy you need to realize it. And you can easily enthuse others to join you and to do something good for our world.

In fact, we need a lot of volunteers who go beyond their comfort zone to serve our world.

Be one of them!

And enjoy in this way life to the max!