Training with the four elements

Bardon describes breathing, accumulating and projecting exercises for the work with the four elements. The whole training has a focus on the astral plane, the astral body.

I would like to add a few points which you can integrate into your training if you like.

The four elements do not only rule the astral realms but also the mental and the physical realms. On the mental plane we have fire with will power, motivation, imagination and concentration. We have the air element with all functions of the intellect and of inspiration, third eye, etc. We have the water element with feeling alive, with the ability to perceive things, also with introspection, consideration and meditation (together with air). And we have the earth element with mental strength, endurance, authority, vital work of all mental aspects, a strong mind.

Bardon develops these aspects by specific mental exercises but you can also influence your mind and mental body directly by the use of the elements. Simply do the breathing exercises with the idea that you are on the mental plane in your mental body, inhaling/accumulating the element energy. Now, meditate that the element energy in your mental body activates, strengthens and refines all corresponding mental powers, skills and qualities. After a while you release the extra energies to come back to a normal level of energy. Certainly, do this with all four elements.

Then I also suggest to work with the four elements on the Akasha plane. Here you imagine yourself in the center (Akasha point) of your microcosm which you imagine “as vast as the universe”, as a vast space where you cannot perceive the borders. And now you imagine the element filling this vast space. You can add here the colors for fire = red, air = light-blue, water = green-blue, earth = brown. Now meditate that the element is penetrating your whole microcosm (body with aura) and simply filling you completely. This will have beneficial effects on you. So you can meditate about vitalizing, healing, activating effects. Or you can meditate now that you have the total power over the element. “I am the master of the element. The element follows my will!” Something like this. Do it with all four elements. After a while release the extra energies.

For the physical plane I suggest to take a glass of water and to charge it with the element. Program the water/element to activate and strengthen the denser and densest aspects of the element energy in your body so that you gain total control/power over the element even on the level of the material body/world. If you like, you can put a pinch of sea salt into the water.

Besides using water, you could make also experiments with simple food like a host or maybe a cookie. Here it is good too when it is slightly salty. Or you can use also the corresponding herbs as fluid condensers in the cookies.

(If you use real food and bigger amounts of food then it can cause problems with digestion, – already when it is only charged with vital energy.)

In conclusion, these are some extra techniques which you can use to improve your work with the elements.