The luxury of being incarnated

Most people do not understand how expensive it is to be incarnated. At least spiritual seekers should understand this. When you understand, then you have a great motivation to work on your progress.

Imagine that you are 50 years old. You made it through your childhood. You went to school. You have completed your apprenticeship or your studies at university. And today you are still working 8 hours per day. Maybe you have a family. In these 50 years you have done so much. You have learned so much. And you have accomplished so many duties, tasks and things where no one has ever asked you if you want to do it. You have had to face all kinds of problems, probably also suffering and pains, diseases, injuries, etc. All in all in these 50 years you have came a long way.

And now imagine that a voice from heaven calls you and says “Hey, it is time to do the whole stuff again!” You get a heart attack and then you directly start your next incarnation. You go to school. You complete your apprenticeship. You work 8 hours per day. You face all kinds of problems. You suffer from diseases, injuries, etc.

In conclusion, life on earth means in main hardship, work, duties while the fun part might be sufficient to survive it all. And as long as you do not work on your spiritual refinement, you will experience a lot of undesired stuff again and again. For this reason, for all the hard work which is required during the incarnation, I call it luxury to be incarnated as we pay a high price and for these reason I always say that time on earth is most precious. Unfortunately, most people do not understand this.

Imagine if you had to pay for each single hour of your life 500 Dollars. Would you waste a single minute for something stupid? And if you are paid for each hour of spiritual development 1000 Dollar, would you neglect your training?

When I talk with people, with friends, they all say that they feel absolutely no desire to reincarnate again. But certainly, we all will come back.

So, all the hardship in life on earth should be a powerful motivation to make spiritual progress.

In fact, it is fate which is kicking hard the butts of people as the angelic voices which are calling for heaven are not enough.

In the end, it is our free choice what we do here on earth.