About dreams

During the day, we perceive the material world and we are active here. But in the night, the body sleeps and so we cannot perceive the material world. Instead, we are active on the mental and astral plane, in the higher realms.

Mind and mental body are our core nature while the astral body and the physical body are “cloths” which we use to be active on these lower planes of existence. During the day, we are centered in all bodies like consciously wearing several layers of cloths. But at night, the focus changes and we can say that the mind and mental body “do their own thing” – getting active on the mental plane, in the mental world. Now, as still all bodies are connected, we are able to have feelings or emotions, also physical reactions to what we experience in the mental world.

In the mental world, the laws are different and so you can fly in the air and you can dive in the water without the need to breathe. Breathing belongs to the astral body as well as the ability to have emotions. So, when you examine yourself during your dreams, you can experience such things.

Now, the funny part is that in the material world we long for higher perception like clairvoyance, for meeting spirits or souls, etc. and at night such things happen naturally during our dreams. The problem is that we have no control over our dreams as all is controlled by the subconsciousness. And the subconsciousness is busy with “digesting” our experiences, emotions, desires, fears, etc. from the material world.

We lack of a conscious “mental mind” during sleep or during the dream periods. Now, when we leave the physical body by death, the astral mind and perception is activated so that we can live naturally in the astral world. When we leave the astral body, then we automatically start living consciously on the mental plane with full perception, etc. And all this means that the mind needs to be trained for being active consciously in the astral world and in the mental world.

In parts, we have experiences of lucid dreaming where we are conscious and can do things consciously. But lucid dreaming is still under control of the subconsciousness. Or sometimes due to special situations, we have an active mind in the dreams where we are able to experience consciously meetings with spirits of deceased people or with spiritual guides, with deities, etc. These can be meetings for inspiration, for healing, for initiation or for doing something important. Or maybe we visit special areas of the higher realms for a certain purpose. Or on a lower level we might get a message in form of symbols or we hear a message or read it. Signs, symbols, messages all can have a special meaning for us, for making important decisions or for backing us having made the right choice.

All such things are a matter of attitude. When you are open to receive hints, message, signs then you probably will receive them. And when you ask your spiritual guide, deities or deceased beloved ones for such things it will be quite natural to get them.

Conscious intentions have a great meaning in life. You must say what you want.

Now, the aim is to accomplish 100% conscious experiences of the higher realms. This means that you are 100% in control of where you go and what you experience and whom you meet. And this, we call mental wandering or mental traveling. Here you step out of your astral-physical bodies in your mental body and go on traveling. Your intention will bring you directly to your destination.

Mental traveling is a matter of training as usual. Sometimes it happens naturally due to diseases, injuries or special situations. The Akasha element and the air element support mental traveling. The heart chakra is the main center for mental traveling.

Like Bardon suggests, it is useful to focus on positive ideas before falling asleep. Your thoughts and feelings will determine your destination during your dreams.

In conclusion, – enjoy good dreams and start soon mental traveling for “real fun”.