The pain of being separated from God

Most people have not a single idea about God or being connected with God. In worst case, they understand God as a humanlike jealous and punishing being which can be kind, loving but at the same time also evil towards his creatures. And so the number of people who fear God is great. They worship them because they fear him, not because they love and trust him. But this just as a side note. Fear and punishment have always been great motivators in the history of mankind.

Those who have accomplished already a good degree of spiritual development know that God is connected to his children by love. God is the loving father and it is up to us to grow in love to become like the Father, – conscious creators who take part in creation with wisdom, knowledge, love and power.

Coming back to normal people – as they lack of direct experiences of God or unity with God, they can only follow their religious teachings. The problem here is that normal people have not unfolded their divine centers of crown and heart chakra. And so they can not receive the divine energies of the divine spirit and the divine love and happiness.

This can be compared with the ability to receive certain TV channels. If your satellite receiver does not support specific channels, you cannot watch them and so you have no idea what they offer.

Here it would make sense if enlightened people tell normal people what they can expect from unity with God to guide them well. Unfortunately, this happens only in a limited way while most people are guided by scribes, by people who teach from “holy books” but lack of own experience. And this leads to countless problems and evil deeds in the name of God.

In conclusion, it is already painful to be separated from God when you are a normal person. You are easily misled, and you are a victim of negative “teachers”.

Even more painful it is when you are developed, when you have tasted the happiness and bliss of being united with God and when you lost this connection. This is comparable with having a happy love relationship and then lose it. An important part is missing. It is a real loss, a deep pain, a wound which calls for healing.

As we know, God is all-embracing in his love for his children. So, only in the person itself something must have happened which causes this experience. Quite often, the person has done something which is against spiritual or religious rules or which was motivated by lower desires and then a big sorrow is coming, a bad conscience and the idea that God cannot forgive and love this person anymore. So, in fact it is a kind of self-punishment where a lack of wisdom, understanding, self-forgiveness, etc. can be examined. Feeling abandoned by God (even if it is only your own imagination) is the greatest pain. It can take several incarnations for healing as it is a deep trauma of the soul.

In conclusion and in general, I can only emphasize how important it is to understand God as a loving, all-understanding and forgiving Father who only wants the best for his children. And like the Master says: God planted a seed of his divine love in the hearts of humans so that it may grow and asks for uniting with all divine virtues, for the great happiness of unity.