Rules of Success

Arnold Schwarzenegger listed 5 nice rules for success. You can watch it on a YouTube video. These rules are not new but have been valid for all fields of life since mankind came into existence. First of all you need a vision, a goal. Without a clear goal or vision you do not know where to go or what to achieve. A goal gives you a sense in life and with this also motivation and power. A vision is an image of you, of your future-self in the desired situation. The vision will show you the fitting way. It will attract you. Then you need to believe in this vision and into yourself, you must ignore all those who say “No, you cannot do it” or “No, it is impossible.” These are the “non-believers” which are often members from family, friends and those who should support you. The easiest way is to keep your mouth shut, following the law of silence, so that you do not need to face extra obstacles. Then you should work hard on reaching your goal by accomplishing one milestone after the other until you have made. This requires the “never-give-up-attitude” where you focus again and again on your overall vision independent from hard times or failures. Obstacles and failures make you stronger and you can test your attitude and skills. These are simple rules for success which are valid for all fields of life. I would like to add here the hermetic key of the four elements: Fire = will power and vision; Air = wisdom and knowledge about the path to your goal; Water = the emotional enthusiasm and motivation to walk the path; Earth = the electromagnetic power which brings you to your destination and the structure you need to organize things together with discipline.

Now, it makes sense to meditate about these few aspects and to digest them, integrating them into your nature so that you work in this way. These simple rules will guide you well through life and on the spiritual path. Simplicity is the main principle. We do not need “thousand” rules. We have to focus on the things which are really important.